13 February 2007

It's like "Where's Waldo"

Do you see me? I'm in there. Actually so are Lucy, Jesse, & Joel. This is a picture from the aforementioned poker tournament at Caesars. This picture was posted on cardplayer.com. If you spot me, don't look too closely. That's my tournament stance. I don't want you to take too much note.

So as I wrote, we did not win. I hardly played any hands. I was too afraid to gamble. It was just different for me knowing those chips were Jesse's as well. He won almost all of our money. By the time we got to what was our final table, we needed a lot more money than what we had. We finished about 24th or 25th out of 86 couples. I was pretty disappointed, because I know I should have done better. But we had fun.

Lucy and I made some famous friends. One is the most televised poker dealer around.
I heard that and I was skeptical. But as I'm watching NBC's Poker After Dark, there she is. I let her use my tide pen. She was very impressed that I had one.

Our other famous friend was Allyn S. She's married to the guy who owns cardplayer. She was extremely nice. Lucy and I are going to start playing in the Lady's Night Tournaments at Caesars just so we can run into her again. Jesse thinks if I mention a few key facts, I could be employed in South America.

I'll keep you posted.

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