27 February 2007

Detox: Day 2

I’m sleepy.  Waking up is definitely harder when you know you’re not going to eat for the entire day. It was seriously the first thing I thought about when my alarm went off this morning. I’m not hungry but I am sluggish.

And what about gum? I like to chew. It’s been a hobby of mine for about 25 years. I was chewing gum yesterday and Joel said it was cheating. I disagree. I’m not swallowing the gum. And I’m certainly not getting hundreds of calories from it. Either way, I’ve stopped chewing it. My jaw is starting to hurt.

If we say I stopped eating at 12:00am on Monday, I am now 1 day, 13 hours into it. I feel okay. Im not hungry and I want to brush my teeth. I feel like I’ve drank a lot of lemonade. Its good, but sugary. Im supposed to go to the dentist for a check up this afternoon. Ill definitely have to brush.

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