26 February 2007

Detox: Day 1

This week I am cleaning internally. I'm doing A 10 day detoxification. I suppose I started on Saturday. That was the last day I ate an protein. I guess that takes longer to break down. On Sunday, I ate mostly fruit and whole grains. I did have a bite of french toast with syrup. For the next five days, I won't eat anything at all. I'll drink one gallon of distilled water everyday. I'll mix half of it with lemon juice and maple syrup. On Saturday, I'll reintroduce fruit and whole grains and I should be back in business on Sunday.
I've done this once before about two years ago and I had no reason not to do it again. I'm detoxing along with Lucy and Crystal, with whom I work. The last time, I only went three days without eating. I had a strong start but got a little loopy towards the end. But I think that had something to do with being out in the sun at a Redhawk's game.
So that's the latest. I don't know what I'm going to do with all the time I normally spend buying / preparing / eating food. Jesse's schedule is changing this week. So is Lucy's. It means I won't have anyone at home with me until after I go to bed. It'll be like living with ghosts. I guess I'll get to catch up on some reading.
I'll let you know how the detox goes. Thirteen hours in, I'm doing pretty good. I am a little hungry, but nothing out of the ordinary. However I don't think I'll b getting to the gym, as I had planned. I may have been too ambitious in that respect.

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