08 January 2007

Operation Circle Bar

Six days after my party, Jesse and Lucy had their holiday party. I had volunteered to babysit before I knew when that party would be, so I couldn't go. Although I was curious. Their party had no dinner, open bar, and Earth Wind & Fire. Sounds like a good time doesn't it? Well I don't think it was.

You'll have to ask Lucy and Jesse to get their takes on how the night went. But this is what went on from my point of view. I call it "Operation Circle Bar." I already emailed the story out to my friends, so it's not at all "new." But it happened in December and I am after all in the process of filling you in. Since it was an email, the capitalization and proper punctuation were not priorities.

...The Expedia employees were discouraged from bringing guests. They had appetizers and open bar, but no dinner. instead, there was earth wind and fire. the band, not the elements. so there were lots of drinks. and there was lots of dancing. but mostly there were a lot of drinks. Lucy and Jesse were drinking Tokyo Teas... which are just like Long Island Teas, except you substitute the coke for another liquor.

at some point Jesse realizes he's on his way to being really drunk. he hands his stuff over to Lucy and tells her that if he does anything stupid she should tell him to meet me (even though i wasn't there) at the circle bar (also at the hard rock). Lucy agreed and Jesse hit the dance floor. as the pictures show, he was not alone. (But I don't think he'd like me to put those pictures anywhere)

and then Lucy left him to go "check out" a club at the hard rock. and when she came out, he was nowhere to be found. i know. Jesse wandered off. you're all shocked.

so Lucy calls me around 12:45. i was already home from babysitting and sleeping. she tells me she can't find Jesse, he's really drunk, he has no money, no keys, and that she's making a killing at the penny slots.

and i was confused. i didn't know if i should be concerned because he was missing, or not concerned since she was hitting the penny slots. she even held the phone up to the machine so i could hear it. Lucy told me that the last time her friend saw Jesse, he was dancing - which is a sure sign that he's pretty drunk.

after Lucy was up, then lost all of her slot money, she searched for Jesse. and i called and called and called. after about 30 tries he picked up for 2 seconds and all i heard was a slurred "what does my baby want?" but then nothing. so i had no idea where he was.

me being me, i got up and went to the hard rock. where Lucy tried to take a picture with me... until i snatched the camera out of her hand. and then she said "frown." i seriously thought i was in the twilight zone.

i conducted my own search and concluded that he really wasn't at the hard rock. i brought Lucy home and checked his ATM transactions. he had taken out $140. Lucy called the bank, but they could only put a hold on the card and we did not want that. i fell asleep around 330. he sent me a text at 630 saying he was okay.

basically a guy he worked with saw how drunk Jesse was... and how absent Lucy was and brought him to his house, where Jesse promptly passed out.

Jesse came home around 1030. he was in trouble. i fully plan to get really drunk and disappear on him... but me being me means I'll have it all planned out. and everyone will know except him.

we asked him what he needed $140 for. he did not remember going to the ATM. he checked his wallet and he had $139.

and then he took us out for a delicious breakfast.

~The End

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