09 January 2007

A Much Needed Taste of Winter

December 19, 2006
I was minding my own business, walking from my apartment to my car and I was stopped. There was snow on my car. It was just a very little bit but it was still snow. I didn't have the camera with and even if i did i doubt I would have thought to take a picture. It was downright shocking. It snowed as much as two inches in Henderson. There was a little more than a dusting in Las Vegas and I don't think any fell and stuck in Summerlin or North Las Vegas.

It snowed and I was super excited and happy about it. While the Las Vegans were bundled up and mildly confused, I was in high spirits. Snow in December is natural as far as I'm concerned. Palm trees and sunshine are what make me nervous. But in the end, the sun won and all the snow was melted by the middle of the day.

That night some of us from work went ice skating. The Hard Rock (have I mentioned we frequent it) put up it's Hard Rockafella Plaza. It was a little ice skating rink in the parking lot. It was nothing great and kind of disappointing. I expected something along the lines of hard rock grandeur. Nothing too fancy but not cheap looking either. Like I said, it was disappointing. Hopefully it'll be more refined next year.

But look at us! Don't we just scream winter? Lucy couldn't come and Jesse didn't want to skate. But as you can see, we had a fun sized group.

The last time I was on ice skates was in December of 2003 or 2004. I know it was at the end of the year and Jesse and I went to Chicago with Chelsey. We just happened upon a rink and the rest is history.

I did not bring the camera out on the ice. Instead I left it with the one guy who was not skating. He's a photographer by trade and thought the camera was fancier than it is. He kept changing the settings. Even thought I told him to just point and click. Then a second photographer got involved to handle some "issues." I again told them to just point and click. But they wanted more natural light (even though it was at night) and would not be content with the pictures they got.

I could go on but the point is, we didn't get a lot of fun action pictures. We got some, with the flash turned off. It was a debacle and I'm still annoyed that it became so complex. But I had a really good time. My memories will have to sustain me.

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