07 January 2007

I'm Back... With Pictures!

So we're a week into 2007 and I haven't posted anything in about a month. It's not that nothing has gone on, I've just been really busy. Now I don't want you to miss out on the awesome time that is my life so I'll start with a little recap.

The close of 2006 began with my company holiday party. I went with Jesse (like a date) and Lucy got to come along with Joel (also like a date, but not really). Look at them, weren't they cute? The party was at a hotel off the strip and in anticipation of the drunkenness, we got a room at the Hilton.

Dinner was awesome. There was a slide show of pictures submitted by employees and I am proud to note there were several that debuted right here on Pique A Boo. There were also great prizes. Joel walked away with a new HDTV, well, figuratively anyway. He had to wait a few days to pick it up.

The drinks were not as cheap as they were last year. And after we used our tickets, we couldn't use cash. We had to buy more tickets. It was a dumb system and created a lot of confusion at the bar. And when it's a hassle to drink you start to lose the crowd. So my group went to the Hard Rock, which we frequent quite a bit.

But on that night, it was not just my group. It seemed like everyone from work was there. As we got there we ran across a fantastic kiosk selling Jack Daniels for $3. Craig was running the show and we were his friends. So while everyone else was paying $7 or $8 for weak drinks, Lucy and I were getting wasted on $3 Jack & Cokes. And then Craig took some sort of a break and I don't think we liked the replacement. But I can't be too sure.

Anyway I was mingling, and Jesse was wandering. And eventually we left. Which was great. If you've ever drank too much, you know by the time you realize you're too drunk, everyone else has known it for quite some time. I know I didn't realize how much Craig the Bartender loved us until Joel was driving us back to the hotel. Too bad Craig. I cursed him all day Sunday. We did have a really good time. Pictures are already on the online album. I just never got around to adding the link. Let me get right on that.

And I would just like to once again say I really enjoy Google for making it so easy to have a blog, awesome picture storing software and an online album. Truly it's fantastic.

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