17 January 2007

2007: The Beginning

On the first day on 2007, I got up really early to take Jesse to work. He packed his little lunch and we stopped to get him some orange juice (he was still sick you know). I dropped him off and he called two minutes later to tell me his office was actually closed New Year's Day. Nothing like a drive at 6:30 in the morning to get your... No. There's nothing worth taking a useless drive at 6:30 in the morning. We went home and back to sleep.

We didn't do much else on day 1: 2007. Jesse felt better later in the day and did some shopping. He didn't come back with anything. So I guess it was really more of a scouting mission.

On day 2, Jesse and Lucy went to work. I stayed on and made sure there was no cleaning I missed. And then I sat around and enjoyed the quiet cleanliness. It was fantastic.

And then it was the third day of the year. Not just the third day of any year. It was the third day of 2007... exactly 25 years from the third day of 1982. Can you just taste the excitement?

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