16 January 2007

2006: The Wrap

So where were we? Oh yes. Cute berries. Well the berries came out of the fridge in order to make room for all the food we bought for the arrival of Jesse's parents. I suppose they're Lucy's parents too. But they were his parents first.

Anyway, we bought a lot of food. Lucy had some idea of what we were going to cook that week but the big idea was to not have to go back to the grocery store. Altogether, we spent about $300 and I can tell you two weeks later, it was pretty much all gone. We even ate out a few times. It was just delicious stuff on top of delicious stuff. No, I'm not proud of what I ate. But I did get to the gym a few days. But I also came back and ate. In the end, it was a wash, or a push for all you gamblers out there.

The folks were here for a week. Jesse took off but Lucy and I worked our regular shifts while they were here. So for my part, I can only tell you they arrived on the 23rd, left on the 30th, and we all had a lot of fun in between.

On the 23rd, they arrived, we ate, and went... somewhere. I don't even remember. I honestly though Jesse would come out of his blogging coma and tell the story. I was wrong. I also thought I could fudge my way around the details. But I was wrong there as well. So let's just move on from that, shall we?

They left on the 30th and I began my 2006 purge. I got rid of junk accumulated over the course of the year, as well as stuff I hadn't used since 2005. It's such a great feeling to get rid of junk! I threw things away, cleaned, vacuumed, and rearranged. For me, there's nothing better.

On the 31st, Jesse got really sick. He was a mess and therefore no good for going out. Lucy and I got tickets to Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Tour. We rang in the new year right there in the theater at Mandalay Bay. Jesse was asleep, so we called Joel as we walked back to the car.

And that was the end of 2006. Now Let's get to 2007.

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