28 January 2007

Now I'm 25!

I turned 25 this month. It was actually right away on the third day of the year. And let me tell you, it was no small occurrence. Growing up, I was the oldest child but the youngest kid in my class. Most of my friends will turn 27 this year. So turning 25 was a long time coming.

My birthday is January 3rd. I made the mistake of working on my birthday last year and that was a disaster. It was probably the worst day of my professional life. So I vowed to stay away from that lunacy this year. Instead, I slept in, picked up Lucy's friend Danielle (remember the peanut allergy) from the airport, and became an official Nevada resident. Even though I've had my Nevada plates for a while, I never had my license. In Nevada, new drivers have to take the written test if they're under 25. So I thought about taking the test and I decided to do it. Then I printed out the study guide and never looked at it. After a year of lying to myself, I decided to just wait for my birthday.

My experience at the DMV was pretty good. I took an awesome picture for my license. Really. When I got it back, my immediate response was "I look fantastic." And I did. The only caveat was that I relinquish my North Dakota license. Fortunately, I took a picture of it. Unfortunately, I can't just put it on the Internet. It has a lot of personal information on it you know.

After the DMV, I went out for lunch with my friends who were working that day. Once we ate, I ran some errands and met them for happy hour. Lucy and Danielle also came. Jesse was still a little sick so he stayed home.

My birthday was on a Wednesday. I went to work on Thursday and Friday and I had a party for myself Friday night at RoadRunners Saloon here in Las Vegas. I had a really good time and I think everyone else did as well. I took a lot of pictures, and put those on the Internet for all to enjoy. They'll also be on the sidebar, for your later perusal.

The final birthday celebration was Saturday, January 6th. My closest friends and I had some salad and cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. The raspberry lemon is my favorite. Doesn't it look delicious?

Then we went dancing at The Whiskey. Tab and Julie came in from Los Angeles and it was a really fun night. There are pictures from that night also on the Internet.

Turning 25 was a lot of fun. But it was also maybe too much party. I've got to start thinking smaller. Who am I kidding? The way I see it, there's only one time a year to celebrate your being. And if you can't milk it for all it's worth, you're a dummy.

17 January 2007

2007: The Beginning

On the first day on 2007, I got up really early to take Jesse to work. He packed his little lunch and we stopped to get him some orange juice (he was still sick you know). I dropped him off and he called two minutes later to tell me his office was actually closed New Year's Day. Nothing like a drive at 6:30 in the morning to get your... No. There's nothing worth taking a useless drive at 6:30 in the morning. We went home and back to sleep.

We didn't do much else on day 1: 2007. Jesse felt better later in the day and did some shopping. He didn't come back with anything. So I guess it was really more of a scouting mission.

On day 2, Jesse and Lucy went to work. I stayed on and made sure there was no cleaning I missed. And then I sat around and enjoyed the quiet cleanliness. It was fantastic.

And then it was the third day of the year. Not just the third day of any year. It was the third day of 2007... exactly 25 years from the third day of 1982. Can you just taste the excitement?

16 January 2007

2006: The Wrap

So where were we? Oh yes. Cute berries. Well the berries came out of the fridge in order to make room for all the food we bought for the arrival of Jesse's parents. I suppose they're Lucy's parents too. But they were his parents first.

Anyway, we bought a lot of food. Lucy had some idea of what we were going to cook that week but the big idea was to not have to go back to the grocery store. Altogether, we spent about $300 and I can tell you two weeks later, it was pretty much all gone. We even ate out a few times. It was just delicious stuff on top of delicious stuff. No, I'm not proud of what I ate. But I did get to the gym a few days. But I also came back and ate. In the end, it was a wash, or a push for all you gamblers out there.

The folks were here for a week. Jesse took off but Lucy and I worked our regular shifts while they were here. So for my part, I can only tell you they arrived on the 23rd, left on the 30th, and we all had a lot of fun in between.

On the 23rd, they arrived, we ate, and went... somewhere. I don't even remember. I honestly though Jesse would come out of his blogging coma and tell the story. I was wrong. I also thought I could fudge my way around the details. But I was wrong there as well. So let's just move on from that, shall we?

They left on the 30th and I began my 2006 purge. I got rid of junk accumulated over the course of the year, as well as stuff I hadn't used since 2005. It's such a great feeling to get rid of junk! I threw things away, cleaned, vacuumed, and rearranged. For me, there's nothing better.

On the 31st, Jesse got really sick. He was a mess and therefore no good for going out. Lucy and I got tickets to Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Tour. We rang in the new year right there in the theater at Mandalay Bay. Jesse was asleep, so we called Joel as we walked back to the car.

And that was the end of 2006. Now Let's get to 2007.

15 January 2007

What Do You Want to Be Called?

I received a very interesting article the other day. A man wants his wife's name. Specifically, her last name. It didn't really get me thinking about a whole lot, but I thought it was interesting. And it'll give you something to read while I finish up some drafts.

If you read it, you'll see there's a North Dakota mention. Another reason I wanted to pass it along. Enjoy.

09 January 2007


I love cute things. There's really no other way to explain it. Things that are cartoon-esque make me smile, no matter how many times I see them. Those little formal strawberries are two of the aforementioned cute things. Those chocolate covered berries were for eating but Lucy and I brought them home because they were little strawberry men! It was about a month before I actually got around to taking their picture. Aside from some shriveled stems, they looked great.

Anyway, I just wanted share that.

A Much Needed Taste of Winter

December 19, 2006
I was minding my own business, walking from my apartment to my car and I was stopped. There was snow on my car. It was just a very little bit but it was still snow. I didn't have the camera with and even if i did i doubt I would have thought to take a picture. It was downright shocking. It snowed as much as two inches in Henderson. There was a little more than a dusting in Las Vegas and I don't think any fell and stuck in Summerlin or North Las Vegas.

It snowed and I was super excited and happy about it. While the Las Vegans were bundled up and mildly confused, I was in high spirits. Snow in December is natural as far as I'm concerned. Palm trees and sunshine are what make me nervous. But in the end, the sun won and all the snow was melted by the middle of the day.

That night some of us from work went ice skating. The Hard Rock (have I mentioned we frequent it) put up it's Hard Rockafella Plaza. It was a little ice skating rink in the parking lot. It was nothing great and kind of disappointing. I expected something along the lines of hard rock grandeur. Nothing too fancy but not cheap looking either. Like I said, it was disappointing. Hopefully it'll be more refined next year.

But look at us! Don't we just scream winter? Lucy couldn't come and Jesse didn't want to skate. But as you can see, we had a fun sized group.

The last time I was on ice skates was in December of 2003 or 2004. I know it was at the end of the year and Jesse and I went to Chicago with Chelsey. We just happened upon a rink and the rest is history.

I did not bring the camera out on the ice. Instead I left it with the one guy who was not skating. He's a photographer by trade and thought the camera was fancier than it is. He kept changing the settings. Even thought I told him to just point and click. Then a second photographer got involved to handle some "issues." I again told them to just point and click. But they wanted more natural light (even though it was at night) and would not be content with the pictures they got.

I could go on but the point is, we didn't get a lot of fun action pictures. We got some, with the flash turned off. It was a debacle and I'm still annoyed that it became so complex. But I had a really good time. My memories will have to sustain me.

08 January 2007

Operation Circle Bar

Six days after my party, Jesse and Lucy had their holiday party. I had volunteered to babysit before I knew when that party would be, so I couldn't go. Although I was curious. Their party had no dinner, open bar, and Earth Wind & Fire. Sounds like a good time doesn't it? Well I don't think it was.

You'll have to ask Lucy and Jesse to get their takes on how the night went. But this is what went on from my point of view. I call it "Operation Circle Bar." I already emailed the story out to my friends, so it's not at all "new." But it happened in December and I am after all in the process of filling you in. Since it was an email, the capitalization and proper punctuation were not priorities.

...The Expedia employees were discouraged from bringing guests. They had appetizers and open bar, but no dinner. instead, there was earth wind and fire. the band, not the elements. so there were lots of drinks. and there was lots of dancing. but mostly there were a lot of drinks. Lucy and Jesse were drinking Tokyo Teas... which are just like Long Island Teas, except you substitute the coke for another liquor.

at some point Jesse realizes he's on his way to being really drunk. he hands his stuff over to Lucy and tells her that if he does anything stupid she should tell him to meet me (even though i wasn't there) at the circle bar (also at the hard rock). Lucy agreed and Jesse hit the dance floor. as the pictures show, he was not alone. (But I don't think he'd like me to put those pictures anywhere)

and then Lucy left him to go "check out" a club at the hard rock. and when she came out, he was nowhere to be found. i know. Jesse wandered off. you're all shocked.

so Lucy calls me around 12:45. i was already home from babysitting and sleeping. she tells me she can't find Jesse, he's really drunk, he has no money, no keys, and that she's making a killing at the penny slots.

and i was confused. i didn't know if i should be concerned because he was missing, or not concerned since she was hitting the penny slots. she even held the phone up to the machine so i could hear it. Lucy told me that the last time her friend saw Jesse, he was dancing - which is a sure sign that he's pretty drunk.

after Lucy was up, then lost all of her slot money, she searched for Jesse. and i called and called and called. after about 30 tries he picked up for 2 seconds and all i heard was a slurred "what does my baby want?" but then nothing. so i had no idea where he was.

me being me, i got up and went to the hard rock. where Lucy tried to take a picture with me... until i snatched the camera out of her hand. and then she said "frown." i seriously thought i was in the twilight zone.

i conducted my own search and concluded that he really wasn't at the hard rock. i brought Lucy home and checked his ATM transactions. he had taken out $140. Lucy called the bank, but they could only put a hold on the card and we did not want that. i fell asleep around 330. he sent me a text at 630 saying he was okay.

basically a guy he worked with saw how drunk Jesse was... and how absent Lucy was and brought him to his house, where Jesse promptly passed out.

Jesse came home around 1030. he was in trouble. i fully plan to get really drunk and disappear on him... but me being me means I'll have it all planned out. and everyone will know except him.

we asked him what he needed $140 for. he did not remember going to the ATM. he checked his wallet and he had $139.

and then he took us out for a delicious breakfast.

~The End

07 January 2007

I'm Back... With Pictures!

So we're a week into 2007 and I haven't posted anything in about a month. It's not that nothing has gone on, I've just been really busy. Now I don't want you to miss out on the awesome time that is my life so I'll start with a little recap.

The close of 2006 began with my company holiday party. I went with Jesse (like a date) and Lucy got to come along with Joel (also like a date, but not really). Look at them, weren't they cute? The party was at a hotel off the strip and in anticipation of the drunkenness, we got a room at the Hilton.

Dinner was awesome. There was a slide show of pictures submitted by employees and I am proud to note there were several that debuted right here on Pique A Boo. There were also great prizes. Joel walked away with a new HDTV, well, figuratively anyway. He had to wait a few days to pick it up.

The drinks were not as cheap as they were last year. And after we used our tickets, we couldn't use cash. We had to buy more tickets. It was a dumb system and created a lot of confusion at the bar. And when it's a hassle to drink you start to lose the crowd. So my group went to the Hard Rock, which we frequent quite a bit.

But on that night, it was not just my group. It seemed like everyone from work was there. As we got there we ran across a fantastic kiosk selling Jack Daniels for $3. Craig was running the show and we were his friends. So while everyone else was paying $7 or $8 for weak drinks, Lucy and I were getting wasted on $3 Jack & Cokes. And then Craig took some sort of a break and I don't think we liked the replacement. But I can't be too sure.

Anyway I was mingling, and Jesse was wandering. And eventually we left. Which was great. If you've ever drank too much, you know by the time you realize you're too drunk, everyone else has known it for quite some time. I know I didn't realize how much Craig the Bartender loved us until Joel was driving us back to the hotel. Too bad Craig. I cursed him all day Sunday. We did have a really good time. Pictures are already on the online album. I just never got around to adding the link. Let me get right on that.

And I would just like to once again say I really enjoy Google for making it so easy to have a blog, awesome picture storing software and an online album. Truly it's fantastic.