24 December 2006

Feast or Famine

My blog has not been abandoned. In November we feasted. December was lean, very lean. A lot has been going on and I just haven't had time to write. Maybe I'll actually get to fill you in before the new year. But that's not why I'm here today. Today I am sharing with you the funniest thing I've seen since... well in a long time.

Yes the picture is silly. But you have to click. And be warned, it's explicit.

02 December 2006

Map Of War

This is another of those fun things Jesse found and passed along to me. Now I am passing it along to the world. It's a map, from the war perspective.


01 December 2006

Is Oprah Losing Her Touch?

I'm not a fan of Oprah. I never have been. There's something about her I kind of don't trust. I don't know what it is, still I watch the show almost everyday. I've seen her giveaways before and I give her credit; they're usually fantastic.

But the last giveaway left me with a confused little frown on my face. She gave the audience members $1000 that they couldn't use on themselves or their families. They were also given cameras to record the presumably good deeds. Well it seems as though this idea wasn't as hot as a new car.