26 November 2006

Dora, You've Gone Too Far

I love cartoons. In fact, I'm watching some right now. Apparently there's a cartoon based on The Mummy and sequels, which happens to be one of my favorite movies. Right now I don't think the cartoon is very good but I feel obligated to give it a chance. I just can't get enough of cartoons. But lately I have found cartoons that I don't like.

I know!

These cartoons are mostly new children's cartoons. It started with Dora the Explorer. I'm pretty sure she's great for kids. She reinforces repetition as an effective learning tool. Great for her. My problem is that I find her voice annoying and her stories boring. Still, realizing her greater social value, I have decided to co-exist with Dora.

But as I was watching the Cartoon Network, I saw a commercial for a new product with Dora's face on it. It was a cash register. It speaks English and Spanish and teaches young girls how fun it is to shop with credit cards. It also includes cash and products with barcodes.

But why Dora? Usually you're teaching shapes and adding. Now you're targeting young girls with the message that it's fun to shop. Personally, I don't mind shopping. But I don't think we need to use "teachers" to reinforce its importance to young girls. Shame on you Dora.

I was right. This mummy cartoon sucks.

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