27 November 2006

Announcing New Pictures

I've recently uploaded more pictures, courtesy of my fabulous life here in Las Vegas. The pictures are all in order of happening. The latest additions are:

Cousin Mikey Came to Town:
Cousin Mikey is in the Air Force. He had some assignment here at Nellis Air Force Base. Apparently that assignment included a lot of lounging and playing Gears of War. There was a lot of merriment and flashing lights.

Julie Came to Town:
I went to high school with Julie and haven't seen her since we graduated way back in 1998. She was here for a conference and we had some drinks. I took a few pictures. When Julie sends me the rest, I'll show them to you.

Birthday / Goodbye Party:
Four co-workers had birthdays within a 5 day period. Another co-worker left to take a new job. We're cheap. So we had one party for all of them.

The pictures are all on the left, in chronological order. Enjoy.

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