09 October 2006

This Time She's Not Leaving

Lucy is now an official roommate. She moved in on Saturday. Five days later, things are going fine. Now I know you're curious, so here's the story.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lucy. Lucy lived in Wisconsin, where she worked at the airport in Madison. Lucy loved her job but Lucy's lease ran out and she had to face the facts. She didn't like Madison. She didn't like the way the city was planned and for the most part, she didn't like the people. So what was little Lucy to do? For a month she worked a lot and stayed with friends. But Lucy knew she couldn't be homeless forever.

And then a light bulb turned on. Actually millions of light bulbs turned on and burned as bright as say, the Las Vegas Strip. Lucy and Jesse and Danie decided to live together. All three would be able to save money, and Lucy would live in a place that could put her airline experience to use.

The move had challenges, even for Danie and Jesse. The two had grown quite used to their free space. They had filled it with stuff that really had nowhere else to go. They had games and toys and chairs and tables and clothes and shoes and electronics and tools. They had clothes that needed to be ironed and a big ball for exercise, roller blades, weights, and a jump rope. They just had stuff. And this stuff had to come out of what was to be Lucy's room.

After a few days, and a minor breakdown from Danie, the deed was done. The apartment was clean and the pair was now a trio.

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