25 October 2006

Not It!

I firmly believe this country is tossing itself right down the toilet. Maybe it's because I live in Las Vegas, where the news is seldom good. Maybe it's because I like news and seek it out - and that news tends to be bad. Or it could be that I'm right. I base this belief on several recent and not so recent events. For one, school "incidents" are up. Just so you know, I define an incident as any
* shooting
* stabbing
* instance of a student bringing a weapon to school
* student shooting at a school bus
* student shooting another student on accident.

All of the above have appeared in my shows within the last 60 days. Aside from that, our politicians are corrupt. I'm including state and federal in that statement.

We're a country in a never ending war. And although the aforementioned politicians are becoming bolder about admitting the war is wrong, (and not going well) they're about 2 years behind what they need to be. People aren't making enough money to support their families, children are running out of strong role models, and community activism is at an all time low.

From what I can tell, children are being pushed away from the things that would help them and being pushed toward things that can hurt them. Administrators in Massachusetts have banned tag from playgrounds. Now I've never been a proponent of all that running but I should have been. It's something kids need. They need it more than video games and $150 sneakers.

I think banning tag is along the same lines as suspending a first grader for kissing another student. I think we have to use more common sense and not let the exceptions decide the rules.

Banning tag. I mean really.

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