16 October 2006

Is It Me?

Girls talk and dont say anything.  They gush over every little thing but hardly ever share their opinions. Im a so-called straight shooter. No frills. What you see is what you get. If I think something is ugly, I’ll tell you when you ask. If I think youre being a certain way, good or bad, I’ll let you know. And I’ll be clear about it. I quite strongly believe in communication and in information. I dont like secrets and I stay away from deception. Now I’m just waiting for my female peers to catch up.

I mean really. Ladies tell me whats so difficult about saying “I have a problem with that. Or No, I disagree. Or I dont like this. I prefer that to I didnt like that and I didnt want to tell you. So I just stayed quiet and I hoped it would go away. Know what? Thats dumb. It’s not considerate, its deceptive. Its not polite, its selfish.

Lying about (or hiding) feelings is probably the dumbest thing girls do. Its not just young girls either. In fact I dont think girls think deception is a good idea until theyre teens. Wives do it, mothers do it and supposed best friends do it. Im tired of it being done to me. If I do something you dont like, I encourage you to tell me. I wont guarantee my behavior will change right away but you should at least allow me a chance to work on it.

Ive absolutely had it. When I do something my parents dont like, they both say: Danie, I dont like that. Thats how I was brought up and thats what I do. So its also what I expect. I think it’s the simplest way about it. And as I get older (I’m almost 25 you know) I find I am running out of patience for people who claim to love me but dont feel comfortable talking to me.


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