23 September 2006

Sex & Violence: Sex

So we've covered violence and I don't have much to say about sex. I would just like to tell parents to stop dressing their daughters like whores. That's all.

If you haven't been around young girls lately, let me fill you in. They walk around dressed like miniature versions of The Pussycat Dolls. It's disgusting. Parents are letting their daughters wear short skirts, skimpy tank-tops, camisoles, high heeled shoes, and make up. I'm talking about girls as young as eight or nine walking around Las Vegas with red lips, knee high socks, and purses. If it reads like a pedophile's dream, imagine how it looks.

Their parents seem to be oblivious. It must be okay to buy your 10 year old a thong if Barbie is smiling on the crotch. I see these girls all the time (not in their underwear) but I see them wearing t-shirts that read things like "Big Flirt," and "Hot Stuff." I see these girls and I immediately look to their parents. But a lot of times those parents aren't there. They just let their kids run around malls without supervision. It's like they're asking for their daughters to picked up.

I tell Jesse I want to approach these families. I want to ask to take a picture of these future harlots. If the parents ask me why, I'll tell them it's for a web-site, and that people will pay for pictures of such a pretty young girl. Jesse thinks that will give people the wrong impression of me. I tell him that's okay, if it makes parents think twice before dressing theirs daughters. I mean really! And I'm not the only one who has noticed.

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