04 September 2006

Say It Ain't So

Steve Irwin is dead. The beloved Crocodile Hunter was killed Monday by a stingray. I'm not at all a croc-afficionado, but I've always liked Steve Irwin. I admire anyone who makes a career out of what they really love. He was an odd inspiration for me. But I don't believe in canonizing people because they're deceased. Irwin did bring his infant son with him for croc feeding time. That was dumb.

Irwin was an animal enthusiast with a short film career. He died while filming a documentary about the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It sounds like a freak accident from what I hear. The murderous stingnray struck him in the heart, and killed him with an otherwise artificial wound.

Irwin was not a big celebrity, but he stuck out. As Jesse put it last night, there's no one else doing what he did. Crikey! It's so sad. So here's to Steve Irwin, a animal lover with a family, killed in the line of duty.

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