30 September 2006

New Month, New Look

We're heading into October, and I for one am glad. September was a slow blogging month for me. There are several reasons why, not the least of which is my new schedule. Jesse and I have gone diurnal. We're up so early, the early bird is still snoozing. It's been three weeks now and I think we're fully adjusted.

As a result of the new schedule, I have been even more organized. I've resumed a comfortable gym schedule, I cook more, and I eat healthier. I've been working nights for years. I've forgotten what it's like to be able to run errands after work. It's fantastic. So I'm happy.

But it took some adjusting. And while focusing on getting into a routine I enjoy, I didn't do much. Ergo there was not a whole lot to share. Or if I had a topic, I just didn't have the time. There are some developments, some of which make me wish I had held on to my stock in Google.

A word to the wise: if you happen upon a drunk financial planner trying to get with your friend, don't take his advice. Maybe that seems obvious to you. It's obvious to me now. But he had been hired by Merrill Lynch. Shows you what they know.

Jesse and I have started using Google Calendar. We use it to mark schedule changes, concerts, company picnics, even national holidays. If you need to sync your schedule with anyone, or if you don't have Microsoft Outlook (or just don't like it), I highly recommend it. Also from Google, Picasa. It's the program we use to store and upload our pictures. But the latest version of Picasa lets us have online albums visible to anyone for as long as we want. It's like Ofoto, but you don't have to sign up for anything. I put my album here. I'll add a link to the sidebar. Speaking of sidebars, if you've seen Jesse's lately, you've seen his Google Reader. It's a list of articles that interest him. It's constantly updating, so it's constantly worth checking out.

Plus, blogger has upgraded its blogs, there are features here that weren't here before. And even though it still has the same list of templates, you can change some of the colors. Be sure to tell me what you think of my new dots. They just tickle me to no end.

So welcome to October. I'm sure it'll be really interesting. Lucy is moving in next week. And if you thought Jesse and I were fodder for a sitcom before, you'll be floored once we throw Lucy into the mix.

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  1. is lucy staying permanently w/you guys or is she going to find her own place?
    details please...
    heather v.