28 September 2006

My Name is Sonia

Actually my name was Sonia Saturday night when I went out for the 3 D's - dinner, drinks, and dancing. Now (at the risk of spilling some of our female secrets) I'm going to tell you the story of five girls who had a fantastic night on the town.

We start with only four girls having dinner at Gordon Biersch. The guest of honor was Lizbeth, who shall be referred to as "Paulina" forthwith. With Paulina were her roommate "Thalia," and friends "Sonia," and "Melissa-Faith." As the four friends ate and plotted out their night, five guys sat down at the table right across from their booth...

So there we were, minding our own business, when these dudes came and sat next to us. They peeked over, and we ignored them. Then one started talking us and we started talking back, just as we got our bill. We had every intention of leaving but they had every intention of making us stay. They bought us a round of shots. Then they bought us another. Then our 5th friend arrived and we were treated to three or four more rounds of drinks. That's the thing about Vegas, a lot of people come here with corporate credit cards. I'm not saying they spend all of their money buying drinks for girls, but a lot of them do.

Either way, they had somewhere to go and so did we. We headed one block south to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. There, we met at the Circle Bar and devised a plan to both skip the line at Body English and not pay the cover charge. I'm not going to tell you how we did it, but we did get to skip the line (probably between 50-100 people) and we didn't have to pay the cover.

Once we got inside, we started dancing near a rope. That's important because the people on the other side of the rope have paid for bottle service. That means they get seats, a table, glasses, alcohol, ice, and juices. Someone on the other side of the rope fancied Thalia. So we sent her to the other side. In return, they sent us some drinks. Delicious.

Our prime real estate got too crowded. So we found a more spacious place at a bachelor party. We all got to sit and drink, and we didn't have to sacrifice anyone. But there were a lot of lap dances. Two of our corporate friends from Gordon Biersch showed up and the party with them continued. I had a lot of fun. I really didn't even want to go home. But I had been up for 23 hours and I didn't want to crash while I was driving.

The night was fantastic. Paulina had a happy birthday. None of us spent a lot money and I will say Body English is my favorite club that I've been to in Las Vegas. I mean, just look at the pictures, we're having a blast!

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