12 September 2006

My Latest Visitor: Michelle II

August 12

While Jesse was walking down an aisle with someone who is not me, Michelle and I slept. We woke up and ate cereal and toast. We got dressed and went grocery shopping. Like I told you, there was not a whole lot of "spectacular" in our time together.
We ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, where we both had the Twisted Macaroni and Cheese. The food was scrumptious and the service was fast. It was almost too fast, as if our waiter had stolen two other orders of macaroni and cheese from another table. We ate and enjoyed. Afterwards we went back home, where we watched a lot of television.

Later that night, while Jesse was buying champagne by the bottle, Michelle and I went to a drive in movie. It was my first ever. I've known about the drive-in here for more than a year but I never went. I imagined it was dodgy. After going to the discount movie theater here, I was sure it would be dodgy. But I was wrong.

Michelle and I went to see The Ant Bully. It's one of those movies Jesse refused to see with me. He has a deep dislike for cartoons other than Looney Tunes. I know, I shouldn't trust an elitist but I'm keeping my guard up.

The drive-in was unique. It's on the edge of town and it has lots of mounds. People with SUV's ride up onto the mounds to bring their high vehicles higher. When little Hyundais like mine roll in, they have to creep along the side and park in the aisle just to see the screen. The movie was highly entertaining. Of course it had a lesson for the kids and cut animated fun for me.

Once the movie was over, we made an appearance at a going away party for a coworker. It was way further north than I thought. By the time we arrived I was ready to leave. And after about a half hour we did just that.

August 13

On Sunday we did even less. We could barely drag ourselves out in time for dinner. We ate a Johnny Rockets, where we both ordered grilled cheese on wheat and french fries. What can I say? We have similar tastes. It made it a lot easier to be housemates.

After dinner, we went next door for ice cream. Not frozen yogurt, not sorbet and not that low-fat good for you stuff either. We went to Cold Stone Creamery. There, we did not order the same thing but we sat for a long time and talked about nothing.

And guess who we saw? I'll go ahead and tell you, since it was way to random and you'll never guess. We saw Louie Anderson. He just walked in and got in line. He ordered a large something or other and tipped $3. And then he walked out. We didn't see him get into a car (and we were watching) so we guessed he was staying across the street at the Hard Rock Hotel. Since then I've realized he's doing a show at the Excalibur. So he probably wasn't staying at the Hard Rock.

After ice cream, it was time to pick up Jesse. His flight had been delayed twice. That night we watched more TV. And Michelle returned to retirement the next day.

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