10 September 2006

Let's Get Up To Date

It's been more than a month since I went to Fargo. There have been a lot of happenings since then. I wanted to blog them as they happened but I like to tell stories in order. I feel that it keeps people connected and limits confusion. It took me way too long to blog about Fargo (for no reason in particular) and since my last post, I started and finished The Stand, By Stephen King. I picked it up (from our darling bookshelf) just days after I finished Cell.

I read the 1990 reprint of The Stand. Apparently that version had an additional 400 pages that were "trimmed" from the original 1978 version. I spotted a few places where I would have been glad to give Stephen some scissors but certainly not 400 pages worth. On the other hand the print was small, so I can't be sure.

Overall the story was really good, although I'm not quite sold on the climax. I said to myself, "a thousand pages to get to that?" Still, I'm glad I read it. It's probably the longest book I've ever read. I don't think I'll be reading it again any time soon. As I was searching for a website dedicated to the book, I came across supposed mistakes. I'm sure there were mistakes in the book. I read a few typos. But I did not check this list out. I just don't have that kind of time. But they are interesting. Here are some examples.

  • In Chapter 48 of the un cut version of the Stand, the MGM Grand is mentioned as being where Flagg's followers stayed. A fire destroyed the real MGM Grand on 20/21 November 1980, and the new MGM Grand opened in 1993. Because the book was set in 1990, the new MGM Grand was not opened, and thus could not have been mentioned.
  • Stu Redman is supposed to be from a town 110 miles away from Houston. On the key chain that he attaches to Kojak's collar, his phone number starts with area code 713. A town 110 miles from Houston in any direction would have the area code 281 or 409.
  • The movie version of The Stand, Mother Abagail is noted as being 106 years old, while in the book she is 108.
Like I said, I back these mistakes up, but they're here if you have a copy of the book and some time to waste. The book was made into a mini series in 1994. I've never seen it but people who haven't read the book say it was great. People who have read the book say the movies were worthless. Now that I've read the book, I doubt I'll bother with the movie.

But I digress. This week I am going to catch up. I'll be posting every day, so stop in once a day to see what I've come across in the last month. Once we're caught up, I'm sure something else will happen.

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