01 September 2006

I Stand Corrected

Lisa IS actually a meteorologist. After a not so anonymous comment left below, I called Miss Lisa and had her explain it to me. The following is what I think I learned.

When you graduate with a degree in meteorology, you are a meteorologist. You can then forecast the weather wherever you want. Now I doubt the average viewer notices, but when people forecast the weather on television, they occasionally have an "AMS" next to their name. That is the seal of the American Meteorological Society. In order to get that seal, you do NOT have to be a meteorologist. You just have to forecast the weather, get some experience under your belt, and apply. There are probably several fees involved. Lisa is not "approved" by the AMS, nor does she really care to be. It's not as prestigious as it used to be.

But what Lisa wants is the "CBM" label. The "CBM" mark would mean that she is a "Certified Broadcast Meteorologist." In order to be a CBM, one does not technically have to have a meteorology degree, just a lot of experience. It mostly means (I believe) that you do such a good job predicting the weather, that people can trust you. Lisa is eligible to be a CBM, which is impressive because I certainly am not.

So, in summation, the AMS seal means you probably know what you're doing. The CBM seal means you know what you're doing AND you're good enough to be broadcast on TV. Although there's nothing to stop an AMS seal holder from being hired to be on TV.  For us, this means "Lisa the ?" is "Lisa the Meteorologist."

L - Did I get that right?