03 September 2006

Fargo: Sunday

July 30

On Sunday morning, Ryan asked me to make pancakes. Clearly he had lost his mind. No I'm kidding. Well he really did ask me for pancakes. I told I'd love to make them, but he didn't have the ingredients.

See, in my time with Jesse we've kind of molded each other. He makes French toast without cinnamon and I make pancakes according to the recipe written on a yellow piece of paper. It's actually really easy and the pancakes are delicious. Jesse won't eat anything else. So when Ryan asked for pancakes, I looked for eggs and buttermilk.

Then Ryan produced the Fast Shake. It must be the laziest invention ever. All you do is add water. You don't even take it out of the box. You just pour water into it, put the cap on and shake it. Then you pour it on the skillet. Insane. I made these so called pancakes and I tell you they weren't terrible. They were certainly better than I expected. Ryan suggested I sneak them in the next time I make pancakes for Jesse. Trust me when I tell you Jesse will know the difference.

After breakfast, I'm pretty sure we did more nothing. That might have even been the day we took a nap. Boy oh boy do I love vacations.

For the last night of my stay in Fargo, I stayed at Chateau Vinje. Remember Heather & Nick? They were out here in December and then again in March to get married. Now they live in a condo in Fargo. Heather invited me over and I agreed to split my vacation in half between their place and Ryan's. But the split ended up being 75 - 25 because of my desire to stay out drinking and cavorting.

Heather and Ryan made the custody switch Sunday afternoon at yet another eatery unique to Fargo: Grandma's Saloon and Grill. Sarah the Reporter also came t eat with us. There was a lot of, well, eating. During which, I spilled on myself. After dinner, during "the switch," I took my only pictures with Ryan, effectively immortalizing the spill forever. Also, my hair was all on one side of my head. Part of it was because of the wind. But another, larger part of it was the fact that I was playing with it.

And so Ryan was done with me. He went back to the life of the single dude, living without cable or window treatments. Heather went to the grocery store. Nick and I went to Blockbuster. Later that night we watched Firewall and ate ice cream. The movie was as predictable as any Harrisson Ford movie, but I liked it for what it was It was a very nice and relaxing wrap to a very drunken weekend.

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