03 August 2006

San Diego: The Zoo

July 8, 2006
On Saturday we made it to the continental breakfast. Then we got on our walking shoes and went to the San Diego Zoo. It really is as awesome as everyone says it is. What do you see? At first I saw a bunch of earth tones and some fur. But I couldn't see a face. Then I realized s|he was laying down, upside down. Now do you see? It's a orangutan. And s|he's using a cardboard box for shade. It was really hot that day. This orangutan stared at me for a little bit before rolling over, giving the fans the back, and covering up with the cardboard. So we saw the orangutans.

And there was this ugly pig. I only took pictures because it's just so displeasing to the eye. I mean people watch car crashes and train wrecks and everything else. So why not ugly pigs? Yeah. I couldn't come up with a reason either.

Of course a zoo wouldn't be a zoo if it didn't have turtles with unusually long necks. I mean just before we went in I said to myself: "There better be some turtles with unusually long necks." And I was not disappointed. I took pictures of those too.

For those who craze a little excitement, there were tigers. They were not happy because (like I said) it was hot that day. And I suspect it was close to feeding time. One was hovering near a little door. Then the other one came sniffing around and there were some snarls. If I weren't 50 feet away and on the other side of some glass, I surely would have been scared. But I was, so I wasn't. Guess what? I was comfortable enough to take some pictures.

Wow. That's a lot of zoo. Let's take a break.

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