08 August 2006

San Diego Zoo: View From Above

The rest of the zoo pictures are from the top of the tour bus. I didn't see any signs naming the animals so I don't really know what a lot of these animals are. But I know zebras. And I know zebra butts. Did you know butt stripes are the only way to tell zebras apart? Well I didn't either, until I went to the zoo.

Of course there were giraffes. They were a foot or two taller than the double decker. Their snacks were kept up high and aside from huddling together they really weren't that cool. They just kind of stood there being tall. But I guess that's what they do in the wild. Plus, they were more interesting than a lot of other animals who were hiding in their little caves.

In fact I have several pictures of caves. At the time I thought I was either going to be able to see them in the pictures or remember what they were. I was wrong on both accounts. Most of the cave pictures are dark so I will not include them. But I was able to crop and examine some other pictures. One of a black bear and another of a lioness. They look cute and cuddle-able. So obviously I wasn't really close.

We rolled up on the elephants. They're kind of in the middle of a big street surrounded by a little wire. That wire may seem like nothing but it's like the great wall of china
for an elephant. Apparently, thy don't have knees flexible enough to allow them to jump.
Too bad, so sad.

Anyway, the elephants were better than the giraffes. The zookeepers keep treats for them hidden in bowls hanging from trees. It keeps the elephants stimulated mentally. They also use dirt (which they have plenty of) to keep cool. I guess it works, they were among the more active animals we saw.

One of the least active animals was the rhinoceros. He had a little lake-like thing and he enjoyed it thoroughly. Unlike the hippo, he did not have little fish friends. I don't remember if that was the last animal we saw but it was certainly the last zoo picture I took. It was hot and I was getting hungry. I'm sure there was much more zoo to explore but after the bus tour and a quick stop at the gift shop, we were off to eat.


  1. After being in the sun that long on the bus I almost hopped in the puddle with that rhino.


  2. Amazing that no two zebra butts are the same. I was so glad I was able to talk Jesse out of hopping in the puddle with the rhino.