05 August 2006

San Diego Zoo: The Hippo

One of my favorite parts of the zoo was the hippo. We only saw one. He lives by himself with a bunch of fish. But I don't think they're friendly neighbors. They kept to opposite sides of the pool. In the water, hippos are graceful. Up close, they're ugly. Not as ugly as that pig, but pretty gross. This hippo was quite photogenic. He danced around and gave me all kinds of poses.

As you can see, the hippo see((med to enjoy lounging on the large rock nearest to my camera. He also popped up for a little air. The refraction in the water made my hippo friend look much bigger than he really is. Not that he's small. He's just much smaller than he looks.

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  1. I am really enjoying your San Diego pics and comments! I had such a wonderful time out there - both at the conference and hanging out with you kids. Next year: Atlanta (late June).