07 August 2006

San Diego: More Zoo

After the hippo, we decided to take a break and figure out what else we wanted to see. The San Diego Zoo is not a place one should just wander through. There's a lot of stuff to see and if you don't have a plan, you can get lost and end up paying $4 for water more than once.

We thought to hike up to the polar bears, thinking it would be cooler. Guess what? It wasn't. They keep the water cool. And they keep the bears near the water, but they also keep the people away from the bears. Go figure. On the way to the polar bears, we saw more animals. Like Allen's Swamp Monkey and another ugly pig thing.

Once we walked up (and it was literally up) to the Polar Bear Plunge, the stupid bears were taking naps. Don't they know people who come to watch them in captivity like to see them playing with toys or something? There were two bears. I like to call them bear 1 and bear 2. Bear 1 (pictured top left) was pretty boring. For all I know, it was dead. Bear 2 woke up while we were there. He walked and stretched then plopped himself right into the water.

After that he took a tour of the pool, swimming around and stopping at some rocks. I don't know what he was looking for but it didn't look like he found it.

And then walking was no longer "fun." We took the skyfari back to the entrance. There we ran into some nice flamingos doing what flamingos do - nothing. We then got in line for the bus tour. The line was long but the zoo is quite efficient. We zipped through it and decided to travel on the top. The view is better. And the sun is hotter. Of course we knew that. I just didn't think how much hotter it would be. But I'm not complaining.

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  1. it's not true that flamingos do nothing. on his recent visit to fargo, my brother ian informed me that on his most recent trip to the l.a. zoo he saw flamingos mating. he did not mention whether she made him a sandwich afterward.