02 August 2006

San Diego: After the Crab

July 7, 2006

The waves at La Jolla went from challenging to vicious. Jesse loved them. I liked them too. Strong waves make sitting on the beach (which is what I do) much more fun and involved, yet still safe. We decided to leave and start the hike back to the car. I enjoy La Jolla. Something about multi-million dollar homes overlooking the ocean just speaks to me. Unfortunately, in my line of work I'd have to kill someone famous or know someone who did in order to afford to live there. But it's nice to dream I guess. It really is a nice place to live, as long as you don't have to drive anywhere.

We ate out at a little Mexican place near the hotel. It was less that delicious but it got the job done. My fear of being swallowed up by the ocean meant I was covered in a lot of sand. If I had been an english muffin, every nook and cranny would have been sanded. It was not pleasant. So I took a shower. Lucy & Steph took a trip, to the nearest mall they could find. Janna came back and I sorted through all of the free teacher type stuff she got at the conference. You wouldn't believe it. There had to be 20 or 30 pens. There were t-shirts, computer games for students, and interesting but useless kitch. I snagged a coffee mug, whistle, t-shirt, and a cushion for the camera out of the deal. Jesse would have helped with the snagging but he was too busy napping.

The girls came back and it was time to eat. We went to Filippis. I think you have to go there before you can know where it is. It's a restaurant in the back of a grocery store. I think it gets most of its business from people who walk by and see how long the line is. Business spawned by curiosity might be the best kind.
The food was better than delicious. It was simple Italian cooking, fresh mozzarella and all.

I had rigatoni and marinara sauce. Jesse alternated between lasagna and spaghetti, Lucy devoured fettucini alfredo, Steph cut her pizza to pieces and Janna sampled the shrimp something or other. Just to make you jealous, I'll include some pictures.

The food was just too much. We all had plenty to take back to the hotel. And once we got back, we were all fat and lazy. We played phase 10 but we stopped because the laziness was taking over. So we went to bed.

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