11 August 2006

Oh And...

I also changed my hair. Remember it used to be long and fake? Then I changed it to short and mature. Well now it's back to long and fake. Let me take you along my reasoning.

I had my hair braided because it was easy. Then it became costly. So I decided on something short and low maintenance. Only Nic Style's (former hairdresser) definition of "low maintenance" was to come get it cut every two weeks. And guess what? That became costly as well. So I decided to grow my hair out (a very slow process) and just do it myself. That became time consuming. Plus, my hair did not love the constant styling. Jesse did not love the hair hanging out in the sink area. I did not love the time it took from my sleeping.

So the way I saw it, the only solution was to go back to getting my hair braided. So I asked a woman who gave me the number to a lady who gave me the number of another woman who knew a girl who eventually braided my hair. It was a very painful process. I took ibeauprofin for two days and my scalp was throbbing for three. Just look at my scalp.

Maybe one day if you really want to know I'll explain the whole process. Basically the braider takes all of the hairs on my head and assigns them into braids. The pain comes from the tiny hairs around my hairline. I don't think those hairs were meant to be grabbed. I'll include some pictures but they do not accurately convey the pain. But like I said, it's long gone and I'm enjoying my tresses. The only drawback now is that some are falling out. I told you some hairs were not meant to be grabbed.

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  1. I had to take an aleve just by looking at it. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOch that has got to hurt.

    My oh MY.

    Love Ya.
    Mommy dearest