17 August 2006

Have You Called Your Bank Lately?

I bank at Wells Fargo. They're all over this town so it's pretty convenient. About a month ago, I went to one of those convenient automated teller machines and I noticed I had an extra account. There was Checking, there was Savings, and there was Direct Deposit Advance. Since I did not sign up for that, I didn't know what it was. I'm sure there was a mailer but I admit I don't pay attention to those things.

So I did what any inquisitive customer would do; I called the bank. They explained that it's kind of like a pay day loan with a better interest rate. It's not something I see myself using but it's good to know. So today I log on to check my transactions and this is what I see:

08/16/06 PHONE BANKER CALL 08/02 $2.00

So what does that tell us? It tells us that Wells Fargo charged me $2 to tell me give me information I didn't really need, but asked for. I asked around at work at apparently it's common knowlege. Once you call back (and ask) the charge is reversed. I'm not sure if I'll be charged for THAT call. I doubt it. I was straight to the point. After they verified my identity, it went like this:

"Well there's a $2 charge on my account for calling you and asking a question. I want that to disappear."

"Well let me check on that. Okay I see. Okay I'll go ahead and reverse that charge."

So you see, it's very simple. You call, you get charged. You call again, you get un-charged. Another person at my job said someone on the Wells Fargo end told her they charge for any question they think you should have found on your own. Which sounds stupid and is stupid and might be true. She said she begins every call with "I'm looking through your website and
I don't see..." She ends every call with "Please do not charge me." That's no way to bank.

So that's what annoyed me today. Here's what got Jesse's blood boiling.

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