12 August 2006

Fargo: Vacation Destination

This spring I found myself missing Fargo, North Dakota. Well, it was actually after spring (and the springtime flooding) but early this summer I started to miss Fargo. At first I thought it was just my friends. Eventually I realized I did actually miss the city. When I moved here, there were lots of jokes about how Vegas in the exact opposite extreme from Fargo. While that's not entirely true, when I wanted a break from Vegas, Fargo was the perfect choice. Not that I would have gone there if I had not lived there beforehand. But as it stands, when I decided to take a vacation, I decided to take it in Fargo. So I'm an odd duck. Quack!

July 27, 2006
This was a particularly busy day. I technically did not have to work but there was a project I needed to at least start before I left. Is there anything worse than going into work when you don't need to be there? Yes. It's having to be there longer than you wanted to be. It made me grumpy. I also baked some brownies for Jesse. I figured he was going to miss me terribly. I also figured brownies would help. I don't know if I was right but the ate the whole pan in five days or less. So at least he was full.

If that day were this day, my carry-on could have been a checklist for what not to bring on a plane. I love lotions and gels. I need to stay moisturized. I had lotion for my body, lotion for my hands, lotions for my hair, hair spray, a curling iron, sanitizing gel, deodorant, nail polish, saline solution, and toothpaste. Plus I loaded up my bag with all of the chargers and cords associated with my phone, the camera and my Bluetooth. I basically had a bag full of gels and electronic devices. That's exactly what we can't have now.

$&@$#@ terrorists.

I had a direct flight, courtesy of Allegiant Air. I was also seated in an exit row, which means I had more leg room than you can shake a stick at. If you don't know what that means, it means I had leg room for days. As my seat buddy said, it was "luxurious." My flight was good, but I got thirsty. And the last thing I planned to do about was pay for water. So I chewed gum. Then I fell asleep, then I started reading a book. I should have started the book first. It's quite good and it would be days before I could finish it.

Anyway I arrived in Fargo a little later than planned at 9pm. But it was still light outside so it didn't feel late. Ryan picked me up you might remember him from my birthday party, but I doubt it. Not that he's not memorable. But I've written a lot of stuff since January.

Part of my Fargo Vacation Plan (or FVP) was to eat at places we don't have in Vegas. That's right. There are restaurants in Fargo that we don't have in Vegas. For example, after he picked me up, Ryan took me to Granite City. Sadly, I did not have the waffle fries. But I did have some blackened chicken that was surely not approved for hypertensives, like myself. I survived.

Ryan recently bought and built a house. In the beginning, that's what was all about. It was fun to watch the place go up. Now it's up and it's very nice. It even has a nice new house smell. But as you can see, Ryan doesn't have time to sweat the small stuff, like window treatments. Apparently he has nothing to hide from his neighbors, except in the master bedroom. The lack of treatments normally wouldn't bother me so much, but the sun pops up early in Fargo (actually it pops up early everywhere) and you don't want to be sleeping in a room without curtains when it does. But we worked a way around that.

After Ryan gave me the tour, we went to Duffy's. Duffy's does not have a website but in my search I did find a blog dedicated to it. Wow Jesse. Are you jealous you didn't think of it first? I'm not. It's kind of creepy. Chris and Emily also came out to Duffy's that night. We did not take any group pictures but don't fret - I have pictures of them filed away. Let's see. Here are Ryan & Chris in a picture someone took of them in January. Followed by a picture of Emily trying really hard to not smile. I think that's a California thing.

Anyway, we stayed at Duffy's until 2. Then Ryan and I went back to his house and went to bed. And that, as they say, was that.

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