30 August 2006

Fargo: Saturday

July 29

After being up so late on Friday, I was feeling less than awesome Saturday afternoon. That meant it was time for another Fargo treat, Taco John's.

To know Taco John's is to love Taco John's. It's better than Taco Bell and more flavorful than authentic Mexican food. There are 25 Taco John's locations in North Dakota. That's enough to get a girl like me addicted.

By Contrast there are only 2 in the state of Nevada. Two in the entire state! And the one that's nearest to me is on the Air Force Base. One day I pledge to have enough money to open up a franchise here.

Anyway, Ryan and I went to Taco John's and it was there we had one of the funniest exchanges in our history. If you've heard it, you want to hear it again. If you haven't, here it is:
Ryan K: "So you really don't think you & Jesse will ever get
Danie D: "Nope. Why does it bother you so much?"
Ryan K: "I don't care. You're not going to get married but you're going to
have little chocolate chip babies."
Now this not for anyone to be offended and if you are, I'll just call you dumb. It's also not for delving into the issue of us having children, so slap yourself for thinking it. It's for people like me who visualize words. Chocolate chip babies. Where does one get such an idea? Apparently in South Fargo.

After we ate, we really didn't have anything planned. And just so you know, lounging is my favorite part of any vacation. The less that's planned, the less I have to think about and schedule. Jesse (of course) is the opposite. He says he can sleep at home. And he can. But he can also sleep at Ryan's house. Well not really but that's another story for one of them to tell. But I can sleep at Ryan's house. And that's what we thought about doing Saturday afternoon. Instead we watched Troy. Around 5 or so we decided to shower and start the day.

I left Ryan Saturday night for dinner with Jerimiah. Jerimiah and I have almost the same birthday. It's not in July, but we went to celebrate anyway with dinner at the Timber Lodge Steakhouse. Look at that fish. Take that Vegas. We haven't seen Walleye on the menu since we got here.

Jerimiah and I talked shop. It's a hot topic among people who work in news. The business is only so big. Jerimiah and I didn't have any great revelations but (at least for me) it never gets old. So we had a good dinner. Only I left my phone at Ryan's and Jerimiah refuses to get one. And neither of us wear watches. So it was like being caught in an abyss. It was fine to start but I admit I became a little hysterical towards the end.

After dinner, Jerimiah brought me back to Ryan's where I wad reunited with my phone. Then we went out for drinks. But that's another story for another day.

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    Man jesses visit was way more exciting then yours where is all of the juicy stuff.

    Danni I know you bring dramma where ever you go.

    No more beating around the bush what really happend in the greater town of FARGO..