31 August 2006

Fargo: Saturday Night At Friday's

When I lived in Fargo, Saturday nights meant TGI Friday's. A few of us news people would go there after the 10pm news for the happy hour and the nachos. A few months after I moved away, A TGI Friday's opened up just down the street from us. I was really excited about it. Not because my Vegas news friends would ever go (they like the glamour), but because I could bring my Fargo news friends there when they came to visit.

Long story short: Jesse and I went to test it out and it was a huge let down. The happy hour prices were doubled, making me not so happy. The drinks did taste the same but the nachos did not. Instead of the very simple (and delicious) nacho chips, cheese, & jalepenos, they served us this multi-colored, layered business with sour cream and beef (2 things I don't eat) mixed in. Disappointment all around. I think I've only been there once afterwards to kill some time. But for my intents and purposes the only fun TGI Friday's is on 13th Avenue in Fargo.
After my dinner with Jerimiah, Ryan and I went to Fridays to meet up with whoever could come to the party. When we frequented that place more than a year ago, we had Drew as our waiter. I like Drew. We have the same birthday. When I made my return to Friday's, Drew was still our waiter. As it turns out, he went to school with Ryan. He also remembered that I drink Strawberry Long Island Iced Teas. I'd like to think he just remembered me because I frequented his station for months. But as the sole party in Fargo's African American tourism delegation, I know better.

Nothing spectacular happened at Fridays. A few people who couldn't make it to Paradiso came. I ended up ordering six drinks and buying a souvenir glass. And I only paid $28, plus tip. If we had been here in Las Vegas, I assure you there wouldn't have been any of that. Naturally we took pictures, mostly of the drinks. Here they are. This first picture is to show you I am always ready for a picture. And I know there will be those (Ryan) who will ask why I didn't crop the picture. Well it serves him right for showing that stain on my shirt.

After the bar closed, Lisa, Ryan and I were the only ones up for some continued socializing. And there's something I'd like to clarify. As one of the Heathers commented, Lisa should be described as Lisa the Meteorologist, not Lisa the Reporter. Lisa does do weather and only dabble in reporting.

But Lisa is not an official Meteorologist. You have to have years of practice and meet the other
criteria and I'm sure there's some cost involved. So Lisa's not a meteorologist, nor does she want to be a report, and "weather-girl" is such a derogatory term. So I'll just call her Lisa.

Back at Ryan's, we were up for a long time. Even if I wanted to tell you all about it, I couldn't possibly remember it all. Plus I'm sure much of it is a secret. As you can see from this picture, Lisa was using my phone for mischievous activities. We also ate some leftover potato ole's from Taco John's. Greasy and delicious. I think sitting around and talking is one of my favorite activities. Of course that often leads to gossip. But how much gossip could I possibly hear? I was just there for a few days. So there's no need for anyone to worry.

Anyway, eventually it was time for bed. Jesse saw this picture of Ryan and said something foul-mouthed (as he is wont to do) and demanded to know the story of that night. He said he's rarely seen Ryan smile so wide, and that obviously he was up to no good. Too bad for Jesse much of what was discussed that night is a secret. But just look at that smile.


  1. I really, really, REALLY think Lisa is, in fact, a REAL meteorologist. She wouldn't have been hired otherwise.


  2. OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!! I, Lisa, am indeed a real meteorologist. It takes a B.S. degree in meteorology to have that title. As far as the other criteria you mentioned, that's for the title of Certified Broadcast Meteorologist. You have to be a meteorologist first to apply for this certification, which I could do if I wanted, but it costs $400. It basically distinguishes you from those that have the AMS Seal. For my broke self, $400 is a little too much for that right now. Whew! I feel better. With that said, I hope you're doing well. :)

  3. wow danie, way to slanderize lisa. sheesh!

    did you win a real emmy?

    and about ryan's picture....you're allowed to say 'ryan has a shit-eating grin'. right? or are you only allowed to make fun of lisa on the internet?


  4. Well, Ryan, you were right. There isn't anything on this blog for me to be concerned about, other than in the interests of setting the record straight.

    1) Anyone who watches KVLY's promos should know Lisa is a meteorologist. This includes all current and past employees -- Ms. Taylor.

    2) In their spare time, such as when they're socializing at TGI Friday's, apparently aspiring CBM candidates think it's a good use of said spare time to prank-call their friends, among them real reporters, and leave four-and-a-half minute long voicemails in a faux-reporteresque, artificially deep voice harassing them to come to Ryan's house and help drink tequila. Never, ever, ever lend your cell phone to a drunken meteorologist.

  5. Of course I'm right, i'm always right, but what are you talking about?