27 August 2006

Fargo: Paradiso

When last I had time to blog, we were in Fargo and having drinks at Paradiso. That's my friend Ryan. He so graciously accompanied me through all of my drinking and drinking in Fargo. In exchanged, I did some minor cleaning.

At some point, I had my favorite Paradiso meal (Chicken Fajita Burrito) but I was also ordering margaritas by the pitcher. But I wasn't only there for the drinking. A lot of people came by to say hi, ask about Vegas, eat, and order some more pitchers. There's not a whole lot to write about. I basically told and re-told the same stories and caught up with the people who don't email all that often. And of course I took pictures. So here they are.

First up, pictures of some of my myspace friends. This is Heather, Heather, and Brandon. The Heathers are both producers and Brandon works in production. The Heathers also comment frequently on this blog. So we thank them for that.

Also in attendance were Production Assistants Erik The Red and Dan The Scary. Erik likes cars and cars. He also dabbles in weight lifting. Dan looks tough but he's not a skinhead and he's got Jesus tattooed on his forearm. I'm not sure if it's to remind him to be nice, but it's there.

Sean The Director and Emily The Reporter were at Paradiso as well. Neither wanted their pictures to show up on the internet but here they are. For Sean, it was kind of a guideline. Emily was more insistent. She said I make her look miserable. I told her she should smile more and stop being so vixen-esque. She didn't listen.

At the end of the night (as in when the bar closed) the group dispersed. Ryan, Emily, Erik, and I tried to recruit Lisa The Reporter to our party, but were denied. She even made it rain on us (she does a bit of dabbling in weather). The four of us ended up at Ryan's drinking and talking. Mostly they drank while I talked. I've always been a talker. It was written on my first grade report card.

Then I got a suspicious phone call at 5am. The details are not worth reporting, but it was indeed suspicious. It ended our festivities and after my call (and after I stopped Emily from stealing my spot in the room with curtains) we all went to bed.


  1. did you have to use that particular picture of me?
    heather v.

  2. I think "Lisa the Reporter" would prefer to be called "Lisa the Meteorologist" since that's what she is and she actually dabbles in reporting. Also, we already have a reporter named Lisa.
    It's too confusing your way.

    When's the crazy dancing kid from the Barbary Coast going to show up on the blog? People need to see the insanity in order to understand it fully.