18 August 2006

Fargo: My First Shower

July 28, 2006
On July 28, I was in North Dakota, but I called Maryland as soon as I had a moment because it was my mother's birthday. I gifted her with something she's wanted for a long, long time. Deep down I think all moms want a cheesehead fresh from Wisconsin. Now my mom has hers. Thanks to Lucy for the cheesehead hook-up.

So that Friday, I woke up in Fargo on my side of Ryan's bed. Oh, you thought I was going to sleep in the room without curtains? Well I didn't. I slept in Ryan's bed. We had a sleepover. For some reason, Ryan was up and showered before I had even picked out something to wear. He then left me to go register his car.

Meanwhile, I set out to take a shower. But I forgot to pack soap. I went scouting about in the hallway closet and found Swiffer Cloths, but no soap. Then I ventured into the master bathroom and into that closet. All I saw there was hand soap. So I went into the shower (I know, totally invading) and there was no soap. Instead, there was what I will call "dude soap." The only body wash in Ryan's house was Old Spice dude soap, guaranteeing me 8 hours of scent. Hooray.

I grabbed the bottle and stopped. Maybe it was better to shower with hand soap than to smell like a guy. I seriously gave it two full minutes of thought before I decided to use the dude soap. The scent was pleasant, like something I might want to be next to, but not actually be. After my shower, I put on all my girl scents and I felt confused.

Later in the day, we went to Target (and to Starbucks) to put this soap debacle behind us. I found that I love anything travel sized. Look at the cuteness! Anyway, the whole thing made me want to say this: I don't ever want to hear guys complain about the scents girls wear. I've never ever put on anything as pungent as that body wash.


  1. I love travel size items too because of their insane cuteness! And Target has the best selection of tiny products. That reminds me, I should go buy some tiny stuff before I arrive in L.V. Only four more days baby!

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