19 August 2006

Fargo: Friday

July 28

After that whole shower ordeal, Ryan and I went to eat. This time the eatery of choice was Grand Junction. Technically, Grand Junction is in Moorhead, not Fargo. However, Fargo are Moorhead are pretty much the same city. They even share a convention and visitors bureau. So while choosing to dine in Fargo, one might very well end up eating in Moorhead.

Grand Junction promotes itself as selling East Coast style subs. Having lived on the East Coast, I don't think that's true. But the East is large, so I could be wrong. Personally, I would say it's more like the West Coast, because of all the pot-smoking employees. They give off that apathetic surfer vibe. It's awesome for Californians but not as awesome for the people responsible for taking (and remembering) my order.

After we ate, we stopped at KVLY / KXJB. I used to work at both stations. From the moment I walked in the door, it felt like home. Many of the faces are the same but (in keeping with the nature of the business) a lot were different. I gave myself the tour (with Ryan as my escort) and told (and re-told) stories about my life in sunny Las Vegas. At first it was therapeutic but before we went to bed that night, Ryan and I went over the stories not to tell the next day. I talked a lot about the weather, both there and here.

When I was there, it was 100 degrees. I'm pretty sure it was about the same when I left Vegas. I was pretty comfortable. Ryan on the other hand was miserable. That's a picture of Ryan getting gas. This is a picture of my chariot. I know! It's huge. I wasn't paying attention but I'm sure with gas prices as they are I should be glad I wasn't paying for the gas it took to haul me around town.
Anyway, we stayed at station for close to an hour. It was really fun to be around and see people and almost just as much fun to watch people decide whether to ask Ryan who he was. People there know Jesse, and he was not around. Plus, at that point I surely smelled like a boy, so they might have thought I was shacking up with Ryan while Jesse's back was to the Midwest. Technically they would have been right.

After the station we ran two errands (to get soap remember) and I had to return a book at Barnes & Noble. After that we went back to Ryan's and watched some television. I use the phrase "watched some television" very loosely. We did watch programs on a television. But they were not hosted by cable, or dish. And there weren't any commercials. That's all I'll say. I'm not one to give away Ryan's secrets.

Around 6:30, we went to another unique eatery, Paradiso. Paradiso doesn't have it's own website, but I did find it on a 10 best website, although it hasn't yet been rated. When I lived in Fargo, people from the station (not me because I always had to work) would go to Paradiso for happy hour. The food is yummy and (as Ryan and I learned together) the Ultimate Margaritas come with a shot on the side. It was the start of the party.

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