25 July 2006

The Hunt For The Crab

Jesse was more into the crabs than any other little kid on the beach. After he found their hang out, he started digging around looking for big crabs. His plan (I think) was to poke at them until they pinched. Then yank them by the pinchers and carry them around. Upon remembering his strong aversion to pain, Jesse commandeered Lucy's flip-flops. He dared not risk his own. Then it became a battle of will. How long could he poke before the crab pinched? Would the crab just crawl backwards (sideways) deeper into his little crab house? Or would the giant pink rubber thing hold his attention? Jesse was determined to answer these questions (and others) before the day was done. But what does one do with a crab scrunched between two flip-flops? Show and tell only lasts for so long. So Jesse put him down on a mossy knoll. Lucy and I inspected Mr. Crab for injuries. It kind of looked like one of his pinchers was broken. Jesse denied any and all claims of abuse. But then he also would not let us get really close to his crustacean captive. Anyway, the crab ended up being washed out to sea. If he was injured, we'll never know. Jesse got bored and went back to wave jumping. But by 5, the waves were brutal. We were all a little sore after that.

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