01 July 2006

The Fabulous Life of Danie & Angie

June 7, 2006
Angie arrives in gloomy Las Vegas. She picked one of the 15 or so days* during which we do not have 100% sunshine. Ang was scheduled to arrive at 9:20, so I was right on time when I got to McCarran International (yeah, THAT airport) at 10:30. I find flights arriving at night are usually late. It's the fifth busiest airport in the country** you know.

That was a Wednesday. We went home, ate some grapes, and went to bed. I even went through the trouble of getting Ang some sheets that are exactly like the ones she has at home. Not really, but the sheets I put out are sheets Ang has at home.

*not an actual fact
** actual fact

June 8, 2006
I brought Ang to work and showed her the shop for about an hour. But it was all a front. We were just killing time until Ang could check in to Wynn Las Vegas. That's right. We stayed at the newest, fanciest, and schmanciest resort on the strip. No. We are not accustomed to living the fabulous life. That's why this was such a big deal.

Your first question should be: "How are you two twenty-somethings staying at the Wynn?" My reply would be: "Not just staying at the Wynn, but staying at the Wynn for free." Saying that never gets old. Anyway I was only there because I put in my time with Angie. She was there because she knows the right person. It's really too much to get into and explaining would take away from the fun I'm about to share.

We stayed in room 3765. The whole thing was just perfect. We couldn't take enough pictures. Now I will attempt to give you a virtual tour of the room using pictures. My words would be useless. I could say it had three walls of wallpaper, and one wall of window. There was one high definition television in the room and another, smaller screen in the bathroom and yadda yadda yadda. But I'd much rather show you. Actually I would rather go back but showing you is my only real option. These are two pictures of the room. Too bad for you I get stuck in chronological story telling.

Coming up this week, I'll show you the view from room 3765. We saw all the way down the strip to Mandalay Bay. The view will soon be highly obstructed by the new addition to the Venetian. Anyway, after Angie checked in, she called me to gush over the room and the pool. She took a bunch of great pictures and spent about 4 hours tanning.

After work, I too was amazed at everything. And then I was hungry. But it was after 11 and nothing but bars were open. So we went to a bar. We sat there for a few hours drinking and talking about close-girl-friend things. So really, we talked about whatever popped into our heads. Ang sent some text messages and I made some phone calls that would be embarrassing if anyone who got one understood it. The best part of this tab is that we paid for it with Angie's signature, which has been cut out

Around 3am, we decided we should at least leave the hotel. So we I showed Ang the Peppermill. I think it's a must visit restaurant / lounge for anyone who comes to Las Vegas. The place is gaudy. The food is a little overpriced but very good. After we ate, we went right back "home" to the Wynn. We passed out around 4. Oh to be fabulous again.

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