18 July 2006

The Fabulous Life of Danie & Angie: Wrap

So this will wrap up my visit with Angie, but it won't be a quick wrap so make sure your reading glasses are clean.

June 10, 2006
After the buffet, we slowly went back to reality. We went back to the apartment, where we were treated to a peeling, shedding Jesse, who refused to spend any time at all out in the sun.
It was during the height of his burn. I applied the aloe and in exchange, Jesse drove us to Mandalay Bay.

Then we then did the thing every local avoids: we walked the strip.
It's really the worst. All those people, mostly drunk, just milling about in the desert sun. Shoot me please. Thanks. Don't get me wrong, we walked the strip for my birthday party in December. But that was December, when the only people around are the cowboys, who are generally nice people. In June, you find the first of the summer binge drinkers. It's less than awesome at night, simply miserable by day. But I had to remember this was Angie's first real trip to Las Vegas. So we started south and headed north.

At the Luxor we went to an IMAX movie. I think it was my first since our senior class trip to Boston back in May of 1998. The service at the IMAX theater left much to be desired, but the movie was good. Afterwards we walked outside to trek north. Yes, you can walk through the Excalibur. But then where do you take the pictures?

Here's what I learned on the walk: Lions drool while they sleep. And they don't mind having their pictures taken. Also, the people responsible for the observatory at the Bellagio are amazing. The pre - Fourth of July Display was really great. I think it was made of wood, although I'm not sure.

Aside from the Capitol Building, there was a Washington Monument, a Lincoln Memorial, and a little Reflecting Pool. My pictures came out but they are all shaky. The picture of the Bellagio replica is also shaky. But I thought that was still worth showing, because it's my favorite.

After the Bellagio, I stopped taking pictures. I was just too hot. We went to the Aladdin, Paris, and Caesars Palace. There we saw a friend of mine who happens to bounce at Pure. Knowing that, I'd still never been there and at that point I was exhausted. But Angie really wanted to go, so we went home, changed, and went. The best part was not the $11 drinks. Nor was it the thousands of people drukenly walking in different directions. The best part was before we went inside. We cut about 200 girls in line. Then skipped the cover.

On Sunday we were supposed to hit the Hoover Dam but we slept in. We finished the strip, lounged at the pool, went to the Stratosphere at dusk, and ordered Chinese... with a salad for Angie. Then we went to the movies and saw The Break Up. We all liked it.

And then it was Monday. I went back to work and Angie sat poolside. She and Jesse picked me and we spent the last hour of her trip at the Hard Rock. It was there Angie FINALLY won some money at the slots. By "win," I mean she didn't lose her $10. That's what Vegas is all about: happy endings.

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