05 July 2006

The Fabulous Life of Danie & Angie: III

Maggiano's is right across the street from the Wynn at the Fashion Show Mall. If you really want to know where it is, I've provided a highlighted picture (I had a lot of free time this past weekend). Happy hour is something I sometimes attend on Fridays, just for the cheap appetizers. On this particular Friday it was me, Angie, Lizbeth, Daniel, & his wife Veronica. Angie and I weren't really hungry because we had just eaten. But the deals sucked us in! We ordered a pizza. The last time I had it, it was just cheese. Now there's some meat on it. Too bad, that means I won't eat it.

We weren't going to stay long but Angie saw a little Rob Thomas in the bartender. It was just enough to keep us there after the martinis went from $5 to $10. So we ate and drank and talked about nothing for hours. Two and a half hours later, we met our waitress. She wasn't pleasant and I wasn't pleasant to her. How would you be after you had to get service from the bar and random bus boys because your waitress just didn't want to wait on you? Not that Angie minded. She actually needed reasons to go to the bar. Here's Lizbeth and Angie followed by Veronica & Daniel.

So here's a recap of Friday June 8th: we woke up, ate a delicious breakfast, went to the pool, had a drink, ate, and went to happy hour. I know. It's super stressful being us. If you've been following the eat drink eat drink pattern, you know what's next: eating. We had four tickets to a Jazz concert at the Wynn. We brought Lizbeth because after saving a ticket for Jesse, we only had one left. Jesse never came so we actually had an extra ticket for mine-Rob but we couldn't convince Angie to invite him.

The Jazz concert had free drinks and free food from all of the restaurants inside the Wynn. But instead of buffet size plates, they gave us plates that were like 4 inches by 4 inches. It's like they thought they could limit my portions. There aren't any pictures of any of this because I had my shoes in one hand and a tower of plates and food in the other. I ended up not eating most of it but I did eat the cutest thing I've ever eaten in my life. That's right. I ate tiny turkey burgers.

I don't know where these burgers are from but I'm sure no one has ever eaten anything cuter. The burgerettes had little organic patties, little tomatoes, little tufts if lettuce and itty bitty onions. They were fun to look at and fun to eat. Yum. I took several pictures of these little burgers but I've given you the best. Tiny turkey burgers! What'll they think of next?

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