02 July 2006

The Fabulous Life of Danie & Angie: II

June 8, 2006
I woke up refreshed and ready to go at 8. Angie was already up up and lounging. From the controls on the wall she opened up the curtains and we looked across the strip. This is the view from my side of the bed. First we have the window wall, then there's the television and then there's the desk, and Angie's foot.

We had been encouraged by our benefactor to order room service for breakfast. I don't know about Angie, but I've only ever ordered room service once. And that was just some mozzarella sticks at a hotel in Fargo. This was not that. At the Wynn, we ordered a delicious spread. Angie had waffles & bacon with a diet coke. I ordered the half grapefruit and bowl of strawberries with orange juice. We also both ordered tall bottles of water.

They also brought up the paper. This is how fabulous people eat breakfast. Now you might ask: "What does a fabulous person pay for such a breakfast?" I would reply: "If you're IHOP fabulous, probably $40. If you're Wynn fabulous, you pay $78." I think it was the water that set us back. It certainly could not have been the $9 half of a grapefruit.

I couldn't get enough of the room or of the view. Here are some of those pictures, including the lobby of the Wynn, which I don't think I've ever seen in daylight. Treasure Island is in the foreground and the Rio and Palms are off in the distance. You can also see the addition to the Venetian in its toddler stage.

Behind the construction you can see the MGM Mirage and Caesars Palace on the right and The Westin & Mandalay Bay to the left. Next to that is a picture of the view of the west. If you take the Fashion Show Mall out of the foreground. It could be any other desert city. But it's not. It's Las Vegas, where people go to be fabulous.

After breakfast, Angie went back to the pool. I went shopping because I certainly could not wear my old bathing suit to the pool at the Wynn. It was most un-fabulous. Of course I was in a rush and of course there was traffic and construction along every route I took.

But do not fear. I made it to the pool in time for plenty of merriment. Look at my face. See the merriment. We were in the "European Bathing" side of the pool. Pictures were not allowed (because of the rich, naked boobies that were exposed) but Angie was stealth enough to sneak several. They closed the pool early to set up for a jazz concert so we ate some burgers, showered, and went across the street to Maggiano's for happy hour.

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  1. Oh Maggiano's...What I wouldnt give to go back there & flirt with my adorable Rob Thomas look alike again...*sighhh* :-)