31 July 2006

Map Game: Highest Reported Score

So I issued this map game challenge to all of you out there on the Internet. You all know how you did, but only a few of you chose to share. Jesse was among that few. He not only shared his high score, but went so far as to capture the image and email it to me with a note assuring me it was indeed blog-worthy.

If you've played it, you know this is a good score. I know I could only get it if I got all border states to start. As it stands I have gotten really good at placing Tennessee and Kentucky. Anyway, if you want to try and beat Jesse, here's your chance.

26 July 2006

Now I Can Say...

I was there when Phil Hellmuth won his 10th WSOP bracelet. It's history you know. He handled it in true Phil Hellmuth style. Jesse and I skipped the free champagne.

25 July 2006

The Hunt For The Crab

Jesse was more into the crabs than any other little kid on the beach. After he found their hang out, he started digging around looking for big crabs. His plan (I think) was to poke at them until they pinched. Then yank them by the pinchers and carry them around. Upon remembering his strong aversion to pain, Jesse commandeered Lucy's flip-flops. He dared not risk his own. Then it became a battle of will. How long could he poke before the crab pinched? Would the crab just crawl backwards (sideways) deeper into his little crab house? Or would the giant pink rubber thing hold his attention? Jesse was determined to answer these questions (and others) before the day was done. But what does one do with a crab scrunched between two flip-flops? Show and tell only lasts for so long. So Jesse put him down on a mossy knoll. Lucy and I inspected Mr. Crab for injuries. It kind of looked like one of his pinchers was broken. Jesse denied any and all claims of abuse. But then he also would not let us get really close to his crustacean captive. Anyway, the crab ended up being washed out to sea. If he was injured, we'll never know. Jesse got bored and went back to wave jumping. But by 5, the waves were brutal. We were all a little sore after that.

23 July 2006

Back To San Diego

We love San Diego. We were there in June for that Emmy thing and we were back there again this month to see Jesse's mom, Janna. What I particularly like about San Diego is that we see something different every time we go. The first time we went was just after Jesse arrived in Vegas. That was September 2005. We didn't do anything specific - the trip was specifically to get Jesse to the beach. We took adorable pictures that were erased about 10 miles from home. Ask Jesse about it. He gets so angry he starts stuttering. That night we learned how to lock the pictures. Hooray for us.

This last trip to San Diego began after work on June 6, 2006. Jesse was oh-so-proud of himself for being packed and ready before I was. But in his haste he forgot something very important. We teased him about it for the whole trip. I'll give you three guesses as to what it was. We hit the road at 11:30 and arrived at the hotel almost exactly 5 hours later. And we slept, right through the continental breakfast.

By the time I woke up, Janna was off at the National Educational Computing Conference researching the latest and greatest ways to shape young minds. We (and by "we" I mean me, Jesse, Lucy, & Steph) went next door to the Indigo Cafe and had a delicious breakfast. I highly recommend the hasbrowns with cheddar.

Then we were off to the beach. Using some hotel & magazine maps, we went from downtown to La Jolla. La Jolla is beautiful. We ended up going to the same beach Jesse and I went to the first time we were in San Diego. And just like that first time, we parked in one place and walked at least a half mile before we found the spot we wanted. When will we learn? Anyway, here is a picture of Jesse & Lucy just lounging in the early afternoon.

I've thought about it and there really is no way to describe how gorgeous it is out there. You just have to go see for yourself. I mean it's not perfect. There is a lot of seaweed with little bugs flying around it and there are a few dead sea creature type things washed up on the beach. But in the spots where those things clear up, it's like out of a movie.

Personally, I don't know how to swim. I'm working on it, but I don't like to be touched in the water (you never know who's out to drown you) so it's going slowly. Jesse on the other hand is part fish. He likes to be thrown about and pummeled. He's putting some video of that on his blog. I know - it makes me just want to throw myself into the ocean. He's trying to teach me but I don't think he understands how scared I get when I'm being carried away, or when my feet don't touch bottom.

The beach at La Jolla wasn't all frolicking and sand, there was an adventure involved. Jesse took me into a little cave he found. It was like a hidden private beach area. But upon further inspection we realized it was not private; hundreds of itty-bitty crabs live there. There are bigger, guardian crabs too. And you know what they say: 300 is company, 302 is a crowd. So we left. A little later Jesse went back. He was on a mission to capture a big crab.

20 July 2006


I enjoy smart people and smart games. This is one of those. This is another. Don't forget to stop back and tell me how you did. And let me know if you find any other smart games.

18 July 2006

The Fabulous Life of Danie & Angie: Wrap

So this will wrap up my visit with Angie, but it won't be a quick wrap so make sure your reading glasses are clean.

June 10, 2006
After the buffet, we slowly went back to reality. We went back to the apartment, where we were treated to a peeling, shedding Jesse, who refused to spend any time at all out in the sun.
It was during the height of his burn. I applied the aloe and in exchange, Jesse drove us to Mandalay Bay.

Then we then did the thing every local avoids: we walked the strip.
It's really the worst. All those people, mostly drunk, just milling about in the desert sun. Shoot me please. Thanks. Don't get me wrong, we walked the strip for my birthday party in December. But that was December, when the only people around are the cowboys, who are generally nice people. In June, you find the first of the summer binge drinkers. It's less than awesome at night, simply miserable by day. But I had to remember this was Angie's first real trip to Las Vegas. So we started south and headed north.

At the Luxor we went to an IMAX movie. I think it was my first since our senior class trip to Boston back in May of 1998. The service at the IMAX theater left much to be desired, but the movie was good. Afterwards we walked outside to trek north. Yes, you can walk through the Excalibur. But then where do you take the pictures?

Here's what I learned on the walk: Lions drool while they sleep. And they don't mind having their pictures taken. Also, the people responsible for the observatory at the Bellagio are amazing. The pre - Fourth of July Display was really great. I think it was made of wood, although I'm not sure.

Aside from the Capitol Building, there was a Washington Monument, a Lincoln Memorial, and a little Reflecting Pool. My pictures came out but they are all shaky. The picture of the Bellagio replica is also shaky. But I thought that was still worth showing, because it's my favorite.

After the Bellagio, I stopped taking pictures. I was just too hot. We went to the Aladdin, Paris, and Caesars Palace. There we saw a friend of mine who happens to bounce at Pure. Knowing that, I'd still never been there and at that point I was exhausted. But Angie really wanted to go, so we went home, changed, and went. The best part was not the $11 drinks. Nor was it the thousands of people drukenly walking in different directions. The best part was before we went inside. We cut about 200 girls in line. Then skipped the cover.

On Sunday we were supposed to hit the Hoover Dam but we slept in. We finished the strip, lounged at the pool, went to the Stratosphere at dusk, and ordered Chinese... with a salad for Angie. Then we went to the movies and saw The Break Up. We all liked it.

And then it was Monday. I went back to work and Angie sat poolside. She and Jesse picked me and we spent the last hour of her trip at the Hard Rock. It was there Angie FINALLY won some money at the slots. By "win," I mean she didn't lose her $10. That's what Vegas is all about: happy endings.

15 July 2006

right now we're at the

right now we're at the movies. but coming up this week: angie wraps up and we head to san diego!
stay tuned.

06 July 2006

The Fabulous Life of Danie & Angie: IV

After the concert we ended up falling asleep. It had been a long day. on Saturday, June 9th, we again popped up at 8. But this day was sadder than any other. We had to check out by noon. I took a bunch of pictures of the room and bathroom and of course more pictures of the amazing view.

We also took more pictures of the bed. Its a Sealy Wynn Dream Bed and it costs about $2500. I want one. I promise it's worth every single dollar. We realized we needed to put the giant bed to scale. So we added an Angie. She's the size of a real person, who is a little on the short side.

And now on to the pictures. First the inside:

Now looking to the outside. From our room you can see a little waterfall and screen that I imagine is used for a nighttime, poolside, light show. You can also see the outside of some really nice suites down at the bottom. You know that they're really nice because they have their own pools. Please pardon the reflection.

Also, Donald Trump is building a tower just off the strip. I don't know how much they cost but if you don't know, you won't be getting one. They sold out within the first 4 days of being on the market. They will be a shiny gold color when finished. For now they're just a little gold on a few floors. Look at it now and in a year you can say you knew it when. If you're really sad you missed out, I hear there's going to be a second tower. So get your millions ready.
Otherwise, the strip is looking lovely.

On our last morning at the Wynn, I took a lot of "in case I'm never here again" pictures. I especially like the view of the hotel from the pool. Just look at that cloudless sky. Believe it or not, it does get old. Anyway, here's what we did. We lounged at the pool in the morning, then showered at the last possible moment. Angie pushed our check-out time back an hour so we could go to brunch and still charge it to the room. What?

Here are two pictures of the buffet entrance:

The buffet (aptly called The Buffet) was as delicious as expected. But to tell you the truth, the buffet at the Rio was better. We went there for
Christmas and the Rio's buffet was much bigger and had a wider variety of foods. But the buffet at the Wynn was very, very good.

Again I tried to eat small little bits of everything so I wouldn't want to throw up. Again I failed. Just look at all the desserts I sampled. And I literally mean sampled. I couldn't eat anything after the cheesecake. I had some coffee and we rolled our fat bellies out of the lap of luxury and back to reality.

05 July 2006

The Fabulous Life of Danie & Angie: III

Maggiano's is right across the street from the Wynn at the Fashion Show Mall. If you really want to know where it is, I've provided a highlighted picture (I had a lot of free time this past weekend). Happy hour is something I sometimes attend on Fridays, just for the cheap appetizers. On this particular Friday it was me, Angie, Lizbeth, Daniel, & his wife Veronica. Angie and I weren't really hungry because we had just eaten. But the deals sucked us in! We ordered a pizza. The last time I had it, it was just cheese. Now there's some meat on it. Too bad, that means I won't eat it.

We weren't going to stay long but Angie saw a little Rob Thomas in the bartender. It was just enough to keep us there after the martinis went from $5 to $10. So we ate and drank and talked about nothing for hours. Two and a half hours later, we met our waitress. She wasn't pleasant and I wasn't pleasant to her. How would you be after you had to get service from the bar and random bus boys because your waitress just didn't want to wait on you? Not that Angie minded. She actually needed reasons to go to the bar. Here's Lizbeth and Angie followed by Veronica & Daniel.

So here's a recap of Friday June 8th: we woke up, ate a delicious breakfast, went to the pool, had a drink, ate, and went to happy hour. I know. It's super stressful being us. If you've been following the eat drink eat drink pattern, you know what's next: eating. We had four tickets to a Jazz concert at the Wynn. We brought Lizbeth because after saving a ticket for Jesse, we only had one left. Jesse never came so we actually had an extra ticket for mine-Rob but we couldn't convince Angie to invite him.

The Jazz concert had free drinks and free food from all of the restaurants inside the Wynn. But instead of buffet size plates, they gave us plates that were like 4 inches by 4 inches. It's like they thought they could limit my portions. There aren't any pictures of any of this because I had my shoes in one hand and a tower of plates and food in the other. I ended up not eating most of it but I did eat the cutest thing I've ever eaten in my life. That's right. I ate tiny turkey burgers.

I don't know where these burgers are from but I'm sure no one has ever eaten anything cuter. The burgerettes had little organic patties, little tomatoes, little tufts if lettuce and itty bitty onions. They were fun to look at and fun to eat. Yum. I took several pictures of these little burgers but I've given you the best. Tiny turkey burgers! What'll they think of next?