01 June 2006

We're Off to San Diego

Jesse and I are off to San Diego. We're leaving late Thursday night / early Friday morning. At this moment, I'm at work. After the show, we still have to pack and get something to eat. We don't want to leave too early.

Once we get to San Diego, the plan is to lounge on the beach until my parents arrive.
My dad arrives first at 9:35 from JFK. My mom, Vicki, & Dayana arrive about an hour later at 10:30. We're technically not allowed to check in until three, but we're going to try anyway. Jesse and I plan to be on the beach for much (if not most) of the day. It's supposed to be a cool 80 degrees. I know! That sounds like I've never lived in Fargo, but compared to the blistering 105 it was here today, 80 is like fall weather.

The Emmy ceremony is Saturday at 5:30 Pacific Time. Once I win, I'll send a message right here to Pique A Boo. I'll also call all of the people who asked me to call them. I'll post the pictures Sunday night and there will be much celebrating.

But Before we go, there's a matter that needs to be addressed. Jesse and I are having a debate over the Cheeseburger Challenge. We never discussed whether Jesse could eat plain hamburgers. Honestly It never crossed my mind because Jesse would never eat a plain hamburger. But he asked if he could eat a plain burger, then take a bite out of a slice of cheese. He said he would not assemble the cheeseburger in his mouth. But I told him his stomach wouldn't know the difference. He countered by saying his stomach wouldn't know the difference from a cheeseburger and a taco. So we're taking it to the people.

Is Jesse allowed to eat hamburgers?
Yes. Hamburgers and cheeseburgers are worlds apart.
No. No burger / bun combinations allowed.
Who would eat a cheeseburger without cheese?
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I have to tell you he's starting to crack. He doesn't know how to eat anything else. I could make it really difficult for him but I feel mean doing it. But I'm not ready to lose $100. I think I'll start the subterfuge next week. I think a few double cheeseburgers placed near the vents ought to do the trick. It just seems too easy.


  1. Danie, thats money in the bank.. he'll crack..

  2. Good luck in San Diego!!!
    Ben & the whole fam damily