20 June 2006

San Diego: June 3

When last we met, it was nap time. After the drive and the pool activity, it was time for a break. We all went to our respective rooms and dozed. I slept for two hours and called around at 5. My mom wanted another hour. At six, my dad wanted another hour. At 8, Jesse was hungry. So was my mom, and so was I. Jesse and I volunteered to explore Chula Vista to find an agreeable eatery.

Aside from the Chinese restaurant, there was a Mexican restaurant, a Mexican seafood restaurant, a Chinese seafood restaurant, a Quiznos (closed), and a Carl's Jr. We opted for the chicken sandwiches and fries. Back at the hotel, my dad was still in bed, which sucked for me because I bought him a sandwich. My mom and Vicki were also still in bed but Dayana was up trying to rouse them. She's learned to smile you know. But she scrunches up her face too. It's funny.

We brought the food to their room. Dayana nibbled on Jesse's fries and played with Jesse while he ate and it was all cute and quite nauseating. Then we played dominoes. It's been years since I played and Vicki had all these rules and "points" and "houses." It was fun even though I lost. Jesse and mommy seemed to have some alliance and they both talked a lot of crap, even to each other. After a few games we went bed only to get up a few hours later for the continental breakfast. It wasn't extravagant by any means but I thought it was yummy.

We spent the day at the harbor. This is how babies travel these days. It's not sexy by any means but it gets the job done and it meets all of my travel specifications. Dayana can go towards the front or backwards and she even sleeps in that thing. I think she loves it. I helped Vicki put it on a few times. I doubt SHE loves it.

The San Diego Harbor is mostly water and boats but there is a cute shopping area. I bought a fridge magnet and we stopped to have ice cream. This is how you eat ice cream when you're a big boy. You use spoons and napkins and keep your tongue on the inside.

This is not that. This is a three woman operation to get ice cream into one mouth. It was funny to watch, until Dayana started coughing and sent the ice cream up instead of down. It was yucky. I can't wait until she's older. She's going to love that I was there to document her finer moments.

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