15 June 2006

San Diego: June 2

Aside from winning an Emmy when I went to San Diego, I also had a good weekend with my family. Let's take a trip down memory lane today, way back to the first weekend in June 2006. After work Jesse and I packed, went to eat, and got gas. We arrived in San Diego just in time to be stuck in a little rush hour traffic, but nothing major. We stopped at San Diego Harbor to stretch, then set out to find food. Know what? Downtown San Diego is not teeming with fast food. We drove around for a while before we decided just to head to the airport.

The problem with airports is that they keep the food on the inside, where only ticketed passengers are allowed. That doesn't bode well for weary travelers just looking for some hash browns. It's that logic that kept us from going to the airport in the first place. So imagine our surprise to find a McDonald's right there in the San Diego International Airport on the non-secure side of security.

After we ate, we waited. We had a little more than an hour before my dad arrived. Jesse tried (unsuccessfully) to take a nap while I watched his phone charge. My dad's flight was about 30 minutes early. That gave us almost two hours until my mother, Vicki, & Dayana arrived. My dad used the time to do some parking lot shopping. He likes this Bentley. See?

My dad wanted us to drop him off at the hotel and come back for the rest. Granted, my little Hyundai was burst at the seams but gas in California is ridiculous. So I told him we were going to wait. He suggested I put mommy and Vicki in a cab. And he was almost serious. But I assured him we would fit (quite snuggly) in my car. And we did.

I told everyone to pack as light as possible, let no space get wasted. But Vicki went farther than even I imagined. There's a dress in that Tupperware container. Granted it's a small dress, but that's a small container.

We arrived at the Best Western Chula Vista Inn around 11:30 and guess what? We were too early to check in. So we decided to get something to eat. Chula Vista is less than 10 miles from Mexico. Naturally we ate Chinese. It was delicious, but messy.

Dayana observed from her high chair. She was entertained by her baby MP3 player for about two minutes. Then she climbed out to see the food first hand, and smush it all over the table. And look: she has 6 teeth. Dayana had a fantastic time. I imagine our waitress did not. By that point Jesse had been up for more than 24 hours. He drove the whole way there. (As I drove back we decided to split the driving both ways instead of having one person drive the whole 5 hours.)

After we ate, we began the check-in process. We tried to get rooms next to each other, and got them. But lost them because two of the room had fresh carpet cleanings. While the woman at the desk got that sorted out, Dayana met her new best friend. His name is Jesse. Aren't they precious?

My mother thought they were just too cute, and said so. My father told her to watch her mouth. This is his "that's just crazy talk" face. Apparently he thought my mother was dropping some type of hint. She probably was. But I certainly wasn't picking it up.

When all was said and done, we were on three different floors. Jesse took a nap, my dad went exploring (and found wal*mart), and the rest of us went to the pool. I didn't bring a camera but there were great visuals, as we say. Dayana exhausted herself kicking around in the whirlpool. She loved it. I wanted to drop and let her swim, but my mother didn't have the nerves for it. Jesse said Dayana is probably a better swimmer than I am. He's right.


  1. Congrats on the Emmy! Loved the pics---Vicki is just adorable!

  2. Congratulations!! How very exciting. Lori