21 June 2006

San Diego: The Harbor

Like I said, the San Diego Harbor is full of boats, water, and people. Here's my dad. Some of the ships were tiny little taxi boats. Others were much larger. I didn't read the information strategically placed along the water because I got a phone call and was distracted. I was too busy enjoying the moment to remember to get enough words to go with my pictures. But I do have words that don't go with the pictures, so I'll give you some of those.

If you don't know Jesse, let me tell you a little bit about him. He's curious. He'll just as soon travel down a path than look at it. There are some points along the harbor where the barrier between the walking path and the water is broken. There are some worn paths that lead to the water. They were the exact type of paths that got Jesse to exploring.

Now let me tell you a little bit about my mom. She's scared of the unknown. She sees the same paths that intrigue Jesse and says to herself: "Self, I'm quite okay on this side of things. There's no reason to go over there. I don't even know where that goes. I'll stay here, thank you." And if don't you know my mother, that is exactly how she talks to herself.

My mom (Adrean) saw Jesse start to wander and she kept asking him where he was going. He had no answer. She shared her non-exploration policy but he kept wandering. At one point while she and Vicki were changing a diaper, Jesse and I were sitting opposite on the Harbor wall. The wall had a ledge on the other side but mommy & Vicki hadn't seen it. (Do you know where this is going?) My dad was off observing something or other. It's what he does.

So there we sat. Jesse started looking behind us, and into the water. My mother said "Danie," and pointed frantically at Jesse. Then he jumped - onto a ledge they couldnt see. Vicki screamed. My mother was frozen with fear. It was hysterical. Jesse told me he was going to do it and I knew it would be funny but it was even funnier than that.

Other than that, the harbor was a good way to kill time. Dayana ran into some kites, literally. Then she ran away from them. We also saw some ducks lounging near a popcorn stand. Greedy little buggers. Don't worry, we didn't feed them.

We did some more walking and soon headed back to Chula Vista to get a snack before the Emmy Ceremony. My mother was convinced the $90 dinner would not be filling. We found a burrito place that was super-delicious. Jesse plans to bring his family there next month. Dayana had a quick driving lesson. We ate, then showered, primped, and were off to watch me win an Emmy.

On Sunday June 4th, I took my dad to the airport and went back to sleep. A little later the rest of us went to Denny's. Here's what I learned: Jesse and I are getting fat.

And then we dropped the family off at the airport. Jesse and Dayana had a touching goodbye and we were all on our respective ways. They had a 3:30 flight that stopped in Las Vegas.

We had a5 five hour drive through the mountains. Jesse and I got in the car and do you know what he said? "Dayana's cuter than you." Know what else? He's right.

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