06 June 2006

Reaction At Work

Look at me giving my speech.

I brought my Emmy to work on Monday and it was fun. It looks even more fantastic in a regular place than it does at a fancy dinner. There was an email that went out before I got in, so everyone already knew but apparently it's one thing to know and quite another to see it up close. There were congratulations all around. Just about everyone (whether they've already won one or not) was really happy for me.

But of course there were some questionable comments. Actually, there were questionable comments from two people.

One person (quite seriously) said: "Congratulations. Do you have mine?"

The other said: "Congratulations. The ball is going to break off. The statue is going to snap off at the legs. You shouldn't leave it at work, someone will steal it. And you can't sell it. It's still property of the Academy. So you can't pawn it or anything like that."

Who says that? It's like telling a new mother: "you know, small kids have a tendency to choke on things, so if you're not careful you'll kill that baby."

Jealous much?

But like I said, just about everyone here is really happy for me. I guess in a city this big one runs into all types of people who think all types of comments are appropriate.


  1. Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you -- you deserve it. I LOVE your dress. Let me know when you're in town.


  2. what a thrill! wow.congratulations a million times over. But you know what is gonna be even more fun???? winning the cheeseburger challenge! maybe you could wear the gloves again!
    **sorry people are idiots, but that shouldn't come as a huge surprise, right? jes