27 June 2006

Ode To Angie

In January of 1990, I started at a Notre Dame Elementary School in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. That first week was not fun. I had been going to Our Lady of Lourdes in Brooklyn, New York with a few hundred kids who looked like me. I was one of two brown faces in my Notre Dame class, but the other (Andrew) was a brown I had never seen before.

Two or three weeks after I started, the desks were rearranged and I was seated next to Angie. I thought we were friends right away. But years later Angie would confess to calling me "Dumb Danielle" in her diary. She doesn't know why and I don't know what I did to make her come around but it's been 16 years and she's stuck with me. So here's to Angie, who will always be my first, and oldest best friend. Here's our story:

A lifetime before Vegas and seemingly eons before Fargo, I had a friend named Angie.

Before Joel and Lizbeth came over for dinner parties, Angie and I ate chicken nuggets and tater tots. We ate A LOT of chicken nuggets and tater tots.

Before I was a producer and Angie an Associate Producer, we looked at college brochures and considered things like "Telecommunications Technology," because it kind of sounded like what we thought we wanted to do.

Before Jesse and I moved in together, Angie slept over for 5 days in a row. Only to go home for two days and come right back.

Before I went drinking with Jesse, Chris, Ryan, (but never) Dale, Heather, Heather, Heather, Abby, Tab & Andrea, Angie and I didn't go anywhere. But we did stay on the phone for hours complaining about it.

Before I decided to learn to rollerblade, Angie and I went to the Roller Rink to watch Jamie Davis. He had a car and (as far as we knew) lived alone at 16. Although he occasionally took the school bus.

Before cell phones, I had my own phone number in my room. And the first person I called was Angie. In fact, for at least a year the only person I called was Angie.

Angie has been my friend through stupid crushes we haven't forgotten, and birthdays that fall on July 25th.

We've had, but never shared, celebrity obsessions (ie Tom, Tom, & Val). I took her picture with George Clooney, and she took mine. Dan Cortese stuck his finger in our ears at the same and we made the same face. And I'm pretty sure we have the same opinion of Kirstie Alley.

We watched the Real World together and cried when Pedro died. We watched "My So Called Life" in awe that high school could be so fun and romantic and dramatic. We watched the Olympics for the athletes and for Bob Costas. We quizzed each other for finals and heard each other yell at our brothers. We slept in during the summers and cleaned our houses before our parents came home. And we did it all over the phone.

So here's to Angie. She's been there forever. She was also here earlier this month. We had a truly fabulous time. I'm ready to write all about it.


  1. *Tear* That was beautiful! That almost got my teary--and hungry! What I wouldnt give for some nuggets right about now :-) Ok, onto the fabulousness....

  2. Danie that is such a nice story. Your a great friend.

  3. This post is almost 3 years old. Scary. Seems like yesterday.

    We are close to our 20th anniversary. Hmm, how shall we celebrate?