12 June 2006

Here I Am!

Hi. I am not incapacitated, just busy. I still have a lot to write about our trip to San Diego. And while the draft has been started, it's far from a complete work.

It's been a busy June for me. I saw my parents, won an Emmy, and got a visit from Angie. We've been living fabulous-ly ever since. Also, Jesse got a ridiculous sunburn that has required constant attention. Wait until you see the pictures. It's disgusting. He's going to deplete much of my Aloe Vera resources. Plus it looks like he's going to win the cheeseburger challenge. I'm not good at subterfuge. I couldn't bring myself to leave cheeseburgers all over the apartment. It just seemed mean. Now it's going to cost me $100. Craspstastic.

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