07 June 2006

Emmy Ceremony: The Details

I was nominated (and eventually awarded) by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Pacific Southwest Chapter. In January of this year, every producer at the station was asked to enter at least one show from 2005. I only had one saved, so it was an easy pick. The nominations were announced in April. Remember that? Exciting.

Once you're nominated, they send you a certificate and an order form for a plaque saying the academy has recognized your work, or something like that. I still haven't ordered mine, but I'm getting there. They also send you an invite to the ceremony, giving you all the details. It costs $90 / person (including nominees) to go to the dinner & ceremony. Extortion? Perhaps, but I couldn't not go.

I know you've been reading all about my shopping, so we won't live through that again. It was an ordeal but I have to say everything was worth it. I was just the right amount of formal. I really like my dress and I'll wear it again whenever I can. My mom, dad, and Jess all wore suits. My mom and Jesse almost wore the exact same black suit & tie / white shirt combo. I told them the Blues Brothers were not invited.

But Dayana really stole the show. She wore a little white dress that was pink at the top. She was the center of attention as soon as we arrived. Two women at the door said she had the prettiest gown of the night. After we checked in (and my dad, Jesse, and Vicki, went straight to the shrimp), the compliments didn't stop. Dayana was told that she was smaller than an Emmy and awarded the "Emmy for cutest baby," if such a thing existed. She played shy and people just ate that up.

Then they put her on her little white shoes and she couldn't be stopped. Dayana apparently loves being on the go. She had some trouble with the frills on her dress but she was waddling all over the place. Also, I learned she and I have something in common: (aside from Jesse, who she just loves) the fiddle. I love the fiddle. I like to hear, I like to watch people play it, I one day hope to master it. I don't know what Dayana's plans are, but there was a Fiddler at the reception and she and Dayana were friends. She played and Dayana danced and giggled and danced. It was so sweet I got a cavity. Too bad for Dayana I was the one up for an Emmy.

After the reception, we went in for the dinner and were conveniently seated near a door. We were seated for maybe 10 minutes before the soup came. I finished my soup just in time for the main course, and the ceremony started before dessert was served. There was a montage, an address from the presenters, and some instructions. Then it was right to the awards.

I was up in the first category. When they called my name, my parents and I had the same reaction. Can you tell we're related? I walked up right away. Then I got to the stage and somehow didn't know what to do. So I just stood there until some other people came up so I could follow their lead.

I gave my name to the floor person. She then told the director, who then put my name up on the jumbo screen when I gave my speech. Then they gave me a generic Emmy to hold during my speech. I had not prepared a speech. I figured it would just come to me. I did not realize that I would only be able to hear my heart in my ears and not be able to think. Although I did remember that I am not a fan of public speaking. And then it was my turn to speak. I saw Jesse get up close to the stage to take pictures and I remember telling myself not to just stare at him. And then I made a speech. Like to hear it? Here it goes:

I'd like to thank God for so many blessings. I'd like to thank my parents for always supporting me, even when I wanted to move to North Dakota. I'd like to thank anyone who's ever given me a news tip or helped me out along the way. That's it, thanks.

If I had written a speech, it would have been this one:

I'd like to thank God for so many blessings. I'd like to thank my parents for always supporting me and helping me reach my goals. I produced this show just two months after I moved to Vegas. I don't think I improved much in that time so I have to thank the staff at KVLY TV 11 in Fargo, North Dakota. It was there that I learned whatever it was that got me this Emmy. I'd also like to thank the Academy for the recognition. This statue validates a lot. Thank you.
Anyway, after the speech, I walked off stage and gave the generic Emmy to one of those ladies who stand off to the side during award ceremonies. Then I had to write my name and address of a label. But I was still shaking. And I was wearing the gloves. So the pen wouldn't stay in my hands. I ended up having to hold it like a little kid. I don't even remember If I gave them the right address. Then I stood with a different generic statue and took a picture. I'm sure I look happy. Then I went and picked up my very own Emmy. It's heavy. I brought it back to the table and showed my family. Everyone was beyond excited.

Then I went out into the hallway to make the calls and start the calling trees. Mike, who was also up, did not win. But he was out there making calls as well. I thought it was awkward for me to be cheering myself on with him right behind me, but he apparently had a lot of calls to make since no one in his family came.

We stayed for maybe an hour after that. We never stopped to take group pictures. When we got back to the hotel, Jesse took a few pictures of me & Emmy and everyone went to bed.

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